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Homeschooling Days

One of our review items is the We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards. This weeks virtue that we are working on is I am Kind. I thought I’d start with kindness because one of my little hearts has a habit of elbowing his siblings.
We Choose Virtues
I read the card throughout the day and remind the children of our virtue. I purchased the 100 Days Virtue Chart for my 3 youngest.

Today I had my youngest nephew with us. He did school too using CTC Math, Learning Palettes, and the online Learning Palette.
Learning Palette
I am super excited to be one of the reviewers for Learning Wrap-ups. I haven’t received the physical products yet but I ordered the items that were being clearanced out. They have become a hit with my niece and nephew.
Learning Palette
I know this is probably getting boring but here is another day at our house!
Today I spent more time teaching Rod and Staff English. The boys were getting confused with and when to use certain helping verbs. We went over the lesson and completed the oral drill. By the time we finished they had a better understanding.

I could tell I was losing them when going over past forms of verbs that end with ‘n’ or ‘un’ sound usually need a helper.

I’m impressed with Caleb and Brent. They are doing so well with Rod and Staff this year. Last year they had trouble with all the writing.
This year they are reading the lesson and writing everything in their notebook and it’s readable and organized!

Lessons we completed:
~Writing and Rhetoric 2nd Semester-Caleb and Brent
~Writing and Rhetoric 1st Semester-Ethan
~All About Reading level 3-Caleb and Brent
~All About Reading level 2-Ethan
~All About Reading level 2 (lesson 5 still)-Lance
~American History-Ethan
~What on Earth Can I Do-Ethan
~Learn Math Fast-Lance
~Rod and Staff English-Caleb and Brent
~English Lessons Through Literature-Ethan
~We Choose Virtues (Kindness)-all kiddos

Caleb, Brent, and Lance also completed CTC Math.
We Choose Virtues
Lance coloring his We Choose Virtue coloring page.

The kiddos have been having lots of fun making Guinea Pig Land.
This one is Eddy and belongs to Caleb.
Frappa (Annette’s), Eddy (Caleb’s), and Humphrey (Brent’s). They are all girls.

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