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Homeschooling6 Days

Look what we will be learning!!! I’m pretty exited about our history program.
Heroes and Heroines of the Past
I received a pdf download for Heroes and Heroines of the Past – American History. I printed the two books at home and had them bound at Fed-Ex Office.
The other books are optional but you know me, I like to have all my ducks in a row. One book Jack and Jill is on backorder and the audio book: Ten Girls From History, I bought a year ago for Annette. Thankfully I didn’t need to purchase that one. Heroines from the Past Bible Study was a review item (pdf format) from Schoolhouse Review Crew in 2012, so I now have all the books from the optional Literature Pack.

I thought the books that I had spiral bound came out really nice. I’m very pleased with how they look. I can’t wait to get started. I am going to read the first chapter tonight. I love homeschooling. Who says it all has to be done from 8-5?!?!
I might add All American History. I already own it but it might be too much and Amy’s history program will come first as it is a review item.

As for school today I had Caleb and Brent complete their Rod and Staff English and Spelling You See on their own.
They also completed another lesson of All About Reading. Wahoo!!!
All About Reading
My camera was acting up again this morning with the reddish tint and all. I took pictures of the boys but they came out blurry. I had a good one of Brent laughing (because we have a lot of fun at Homeschooling6!).
With the reading practice I have the boys each read half. Brent will read the first 6 sentences and Caleb the last 6. Same with the phrases, words, and new words.

One of the reasons I switched to All About Reading was the practice pages. Before they weren’t practicing with reading much but now they do daily. They read from their Bible daily as well for more practice.
All About Reading Level 3
This picture came out better. I’m not sure why my camera does that randomly reddish tint and/or blurry pics. It’s so frustrating! Hopefully I’ll get a new one soon. My hubby bought me one for CHRISTmas but I didn’t like it and returned it to Costco.
All About Reading Level 3
That’s Brent reading. My dad brought over some tomatoes. I need to eat them up soon because they are starting to mold, yikes!

Here I am happy to get the boys started with Spelling You See. The workbooks are gorgeous. I love that they are in color. It just adds some pizzazz and color.
All About Spelling
The boys don’t complain with completing their Spelling You See but I think I’m more excited, haha!
Philosophy Adventure
Caleb and Brent also completed their Philosophy Adventure. We are really liking this.  For this review I need to get through two lessons, each lesson is taking the boys two weeks which is a good pace but we might take it slower later.

I had the baby today so not too much schooling happened with Lance and Ethan. I plan to do American History after supper and get at least All About Reading done with Ethan and Lance.
Math for Caleb, Brent, and Lance was CTC Math.

Lance completed the addition section last week. He earned his Platinum Certificate. He was excited about that.
CTC Math Lance Addition
Now he is working on subtraction.
CTC Math Lance Subtraction
Other happenings here:
~ Josh is sick and I mean where he didn’t do any school yesterday and today. We went camping over the weekend and I think the rock climbing did him in. He was already showing signs of a weakened immune system so I the cold, the climbing, and getting wet at the lake didn’t help.

~ Annette is getting excited about her high school program she’ll use next year. I see her peeking at Joshua’s Heart of Dakota Guide.

~I ordered the complete set of Liberty Kids from Christian Books for $8.99 (it’s now $9.99), so the kids are watching an episode as I type.

I remember Joshua, Annette, and Caleb watching Liberty Kids when they were younger. Now Brent, Ethan, Lance, and Caleb too (again) are enjoying them. With the older kids we use to watch the free episodes online. Not sure if they are still available or where to find them now.


  1. Your Heroes and Heroines books look great! I am really debating printing it all out. I figured we would give it a few weeks and make sure we love it...so far, so good!

  2. Thanks, I was thinking the same with printing. My daughter wants to read the text so I thought I'd go for it.

    My 'plan' is to use this with the two youngest slowly but we'll see. I hope we do continue with it.

  3. I printed the first two units before deciding to print the whole thing (seeing that you printed it inspired me). If anything, it will give me a better feel for the program, but I am hoping we like it. I had my eye on All American History too - have you used it before? While I was looking through Heroes and Heroines, I saw the unit on Laura Ingalls Wilder and remembered the Prairie Primer - which looks good too. I like how H&H could lead up to it. Anyways, thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. Hi, Michelle, no I haven't used AAH before. I've been interested though as well. I found two of the AAH Activity books at Half Price for cheap so I bought them.

    Before I started feeling really sick I sort of correlated the dates from both history programs. I think it's doable to combine but as always it will take a little more time.

    Hopefully tomorrow we'll get back to school and I can get started again. I think H&H can be easily added to other programs like PP.

  5. Annette is using the 2nd book from AAH through HOD and so far she has liked it. Of course she is not using the Activity book though.


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