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Let’s Click 365 Days (Baby)

I love how my children interact with the baby. I wouldn’t really know this since we don’t have a baby of our own Winking smile so watching Little L has shown me that my little guys and Annette love, love, love, having a baby around.
Lance with the little guy. We just got back from camping the day before.
I love how he snuggles in my arms.
And sleeps.
Look at those grey hairs. Oh my!
He’s so limber. Awww, I remember those days with my own little (big) ones.
He fell asleep in my arms in the above pic. It’s the same sleepy time from the photo above. He was getting more comfortable. Look at those cute little toes and his chubby little hands. 
Nap time again.
Lance playing with the school bus. Baby L is growing up so fast. He too now plays with the school bus and other toy cars.
Annette is a big help.
I love how they are looking at each other.
He also loves to blow spit bubbles. It cracks me up watching him concentrate on making them.

When I feed him a bottle he always puts a leg up and something new he does is pull at his hair. Too cute!

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