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Let’s Click 365 Days (Lance and Ethan)

Ethan and Lance having fun with my new cell phone. Actually I was having too much fun! I love how I can take photo after photo and not lose some cuteness. (I call it rapid fire)
These were taken on March 1st.
I have noticed if I zoom in the quality of the picture is not that great.
I am not sure why these pics came out so dark considering we were next to the window. The pictures I took of Lance were brighter.
Ethan is becoming more and more camera shy, so I need to take what I can get. Even when the pictures are the best of quality.
I love his smile and those eyes. I see so many things. Happiness, love, kindness . . .
Lance is not so camera shy.
His one little eye (of two).
This pictures don’t look so grainy if I keep them small.
But he looks so cute. This one came out pretty good quality-wise. And of course as his mother I think he came out good too, cute-wise.
With the smaller photos all in a row it reminds me of those booth pictures that you see at the mall. Not sure if they still have those around.
Funny how I took the pictures on the same day and in the same room but yet the ones of Ethan are darker than the ones of Lance.

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