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My Girl

For school Annette made a War Cake. During WWI milk, eggs, and butter were rationed. It took her two days to make this cake. She had to let the wet ingredients sit overnight. I think she had to let it sit overnight because you want the liquid ingredients to be cool. 

Instead of butter Annette used an organic non-hydrogenated shortening. I would have preferred lard (as many used back then) but I haven’t found any that meets my approval around here.
Heart of Dakota
It was good, I splurged and had a small piece.
War Cake
Everybody enjoyed her school project.

Today (Saturday) I watched the baby for 3hrs. Once his mama picked him up I was free to do whatever, so I took Annette out for a cup of coffee at our favorite little coffee shop.
Coffee Shop
I’m thankful for my cell phone. I (like always) forgot my camera but I did have my phone (that otherwise stayed in my purse, this was Annette time. Not phone and us time).
Annette and I had a lot of fun. We enjoy or time together. We chat about all kinds of things.

She ordered an Oreo Freeze and I ordered a low-carb frap made with almond milk. I love that this coffee shop serves almond milk.

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  1. Looks yummy! I'm so glad that you splurged and enjoyed a piece :) You deserve it!


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