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School Days @ Homeschooling6

As with most days I started school with Caleb and Brent. I know many fellow homeschoolers often give the advice to start with the youngest and work your way up. Around here my two youngest are grumpy in the morning. It works better if I give them time to wake-up, maybe play outside, or inside with their Legos or Lincoln Logs.

Another reason I prefer to start with the two older  middle boys is they have more of a workload. Most of it requires a quick lesson from me before they begin. For instance with Rod and Staff English we correct the previous days work then go over the days work.

Today I kept time to see about how long I spend with Caleb and Brent and it was about 1.5 hours. Some days it will run longer so I think it’s safe to say 1:1 time with them is between 1.8-2.0 hours.

We started with All About Reading. Today was our first lesson with suffixes. I love the pretty pink tiles!
All About Reading
I was really hoping to get through two lessons a day but some of them are a little longer than others. Tomorrow for instance I may be able to get two in. But no hurry. I don’t think level 4 will be out soon. On the AAS website it says late 2014.

Next up was Writing and Rhetoric. We started lesson 2: A Long Parable.
I am really liking this series. I read the parable to the boys, they took turns narrating it back to me, and on their own they will complete a workbook page.

Then lastly was Rod and Staff English. It’s so wonderful to have my boys improving with their reading and spelling skills. Last year I would have had to read everything to them and help them write their answers as well.
Now I briefly go over the lessons in one sitting and let them loose to read their English lesson and finish their writing. Now I need to add some science to their day.

Both boys also completed CTC Math and Caleb did both CTC Math and Math-U-See.

My next student was Ethan, yay (clapping).
All About Reading
I always start with All About Reading because that is at the top of our list. Reading comes first. In this lesson Ethan is finding gold nuggets. He flips the gold nugget over and reads the word. If he gets the word correct he puts it in the gold pan. He enjoyed finding ‘gold’.
All About Reading
All About Reading is really working for my boys. I love all the practice reading that is incorporated into the program.

Ethan also completed part of lesson 2.
Writing and Rhetoric
Today he had to cross out parts of the story that are not really needed to get the main idea across. The parts that add excitement to the story. It was hard for him and I walked him through most of it. I figure the more we do this the better he’ll get at it and be able to complete more by himself. He also rewrote the summary on the lines provided in his workbook.

With Ethan I even completed an English Lessons Through Literature. Yay for us! I’m still reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately we haven’t been completing 4 lessons a week. He did his copywork and labeled a few sentences. He had to find 1st person singular words like I, me, my, and mine.

He too also completed his CTC Math.

I’m so proud of myself. I schooled Lance, wahoo! Our first subject was All About Reading. He is on lesson 5. For Lance a lesson usually last between 3-5 days.

He also completed, Spelling You See, CTC Math, and Learn Math Fast.
Later today we will finish our studies with history and Bible. Ethan left with his grandpa so we are waiting for that stinker to get back. I didn’t realize they were going to be gone for hours. It sounded like they were just going to drop my brother off at work.

Joshua is coming along in his studies using Hearts for Him Through High School: World Geography. He’s on Unit 21 focusing on Mercator’s Maps, Drake’s Trip Around the Worl, and the First Arctic Explorer.

Today he is using:
~for geography and his geography activity he is using Mapping the World With Art
Living Library -In the Days of Drake.
~World Religion and Culture-Queen of the Dark Chamber
~Logic-The Art of Argument
~Literature Study-Bob Jones Fundamentals of Literature
~Bible-Rooted and Grounded along with Scripture Memory and Prayer
~Science-Integrated Physics and Chemistry
~Composition and Grammar-Bridegway English (the days alternate writing and grammar)
~Foreign Language-Getting Started with Spanish

With Annette we did Bible together and I still need to give her a Rod and Staff Spelling test.

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  1. I think it's wise to start your day with those that are morning children vs. your littles who are grumpy in the morning. That is the beauty of homeschooling.

    It looks like you have found a groove into your homeschooling days.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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