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Schoolhouse Review: CTC Math

CTC Math Review
As a Schoolhouse Review Crew member I was given a 12 Month Family Plan of CTC Math and let me tell you, I’m so thankful to have been chosen for this review. I had originally planned to use it with my two youngest children, Ethan 11yr. and Lance 9 years old because I needed a math program that they could do for the most part on their own.
Once I had my 12 Month Family Plan set up I decided to add Brent my 12 year old because he was having trouble with long division. Then I got to thinking and remembered that Caleb (13 years) was needing more practice with fractions (mainly division), so I added him to the account as well.
You know what? CTC Math has been helping my children in the areas that they struggle with.
Below is Caleb’s score with Division of Fractions. Notice how he started March 19th with a score of 70% and with practice and perseverance he was able to score 100% on March 25!
CTC Math
The last two attempts his score was 100% but notice on the right that he went from 97% to 100% as well. What CTC Math does is it uses the scores from the last three attempts throwing out any prior ones.
CTC Math
Caleb loved seeing the 100% and I loved that he was challenging himself to do better. I would find him up early completing his math assignments.
What exactly is CTC Math? It’s an online, learn at your own pace, interactive math program which includes K-Trigonometry (K-12th Grade).
Once you have your child set up you can choose what grade level you’d like him/her to start with.
I have two children using CTC Math 6th grade. When I click on the 6th grade tab it shows:
*Number, Patterns, and Algebra
*Space and Geometry
*Statistics and Probability
I’m going to click on the first tab: Numbers, Patterns, and Algebra. Choose a topic where you would like your child to start (eventually your child can log onto CTC Math and find her place by herself).
As you can see there are 13 lessons and notice there is also a Diagnostic Test at the top. A Standard Test and a Compressive Test.
You can choose to use these or skip them. It’s up to you whether you’d like to just start at the beginning or use one of the test to place your child within that topic or unit.
Here at Homeschooling6 each time my children started a new topic I had them take the Standard Test. This showed me where my child was having trouble and which topics he knew well.
For instance with Ethan, he scored 100% on the first 7 concepts: Place Value, Writing Numerals, Expanded Notation, etc. so I had him start with Roman Numerals.
Once you have determined where to start your child you can click on that topic and immediately get started with the lesson.
The beginning of the lesson gives a tutorial. The voice of the instructor has a pleasant Australian accent.
After watching the tutorial your child will click on the questions and get started by answering 1 math question at a time. There are usually 10 problems.
I had my children print each lesson as they completed it this way I could see exactly what they were missing. I’m a visual person so having their work in front of me rather than just what percent they earned helped me to understand where they were.
CTC math
I noticed that when they closed the window of their results there was not a way to retrieve them. This was another reason why I had the children print their work immediately after they completed their lesson.
CTC Math keeps track of all their work (love it!). The parent at anytime can check the progress of the child.
Something fun that my kids liked was earning ribbons. Below you can see that Caleb is working on his platinum ribbon (at the bottom of the screen shot).
Another great perk is a weekly report is sent each week to the parent through email. It is very detailed with showing dates and times that your child has logged into CTC Math and what they completed along with their scores. I had these reports downloaded and saved to my computer.
How we used it: I used CTC Math with 5 of my children ages 9, 11, 12, 13, and 15 years.
What I liked was Lance and Ethan were able to start at grade level. They didn’t have to go back a grade and play ‘catch-up’.
Brent was having trouble with long division so he did go back to the 5th grade level but only to do the division section. Once he completed and earned his platinum ribbon he too was able to start at his grade level.
During the review period I had Brent, Ethan, and Lance only use CTC Math. All of their math skills have improved. It’s fun to see their scores go up and then eventually pass that unit.
Joshua has experienced success as well. It’s great to see him score a 90% or even a 100% because he has struggled with math for so long.
I had the four younger children spend between 30-40 minutes a day using CTC Math. That included using the Speed Skills practice.
The kiddos also enjoyed playing the Times Table Shoot ‘Em Up game.
Here are some things that I really liked about CTC Math:
~Kids enjoy it (huge plus)
~Grades each problem immediately
~Scores, my kids love seeing their scores
~Speed Skills-helps the kids practice math facts
~Grades K-6 can be used as your only math program
A few improvements that I think would help:
~Once the screen is closed there is no way to go back and print what the children had done. It would be nice if one can access and open their lessons again.
~It would be super helpful for a missed problem to be worked out for the child so they can see where they went wrong. 
My final thoughts: CTC Math rocks! 5 weeks later Lance is finally understanding 2-digit subtraction with trading, Brent is past long division, and Caleb, he understands fractions and is moving along. Not only is Caleb completing his previous math program but also CTC Math because he likes it.
And lastly my kids love seeing the 100% which means they are doing their math problems over and over. Yay!

Right CTC Math is running a sale for homeschoolers.
The Family Plan which includes 2 or more students:
 $39.97 a month (sale price $15.97)
$197.00 for 6 months (sale price $78.80)
$297.00 for 12 months (sale price $118.80)
Single Student Plan: 
$29.97 a month (sale: $11.97)  
$127.00 6 months (sale: $50.80)  
$197.00 12 months (sale: $78.80).
This covers grades K-12.
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  1. Ok, where oh where can you find the Times Table Shoot 'Em Up game?! I can't find it and Malachi would love that!

    Wonderful review!

  2. Hi, Michelle, on the CTC Math homepage scroll to the bottom. My kids love playing it! Yay, they are learning their times tables too =)

  3. Hi! I noticed this post is over two years old. Have you continued to use CTC Math? If so, does it work as a stand alone curriculum for older students (for Algebra, Geometry, etc)?

    1. Hi, yes we are still using it with three kiddos. For our family, yes, we are using it as our main math. I have emailed CTC Math about the upper levels (algebra, geometry, etc) and they are working to make them stand alone. The lower levels K-8th are a full math program per CTC when I emailed them.


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