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Schoolhouse Review: Curiosity Quest

As a mom and homeschooling parent I am always on the lookout for good quality DVDs that will not only keep the attention of my children  but teach them something new as well. Especially for those rainy days.

The Schoolhouse Review Crew had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing not one but two DVD Combo Packs from Curiosity Quest.
Curiosity Quest
Each Combo Pack (DVD Combo Pack: Swimmers of the Sea and DVD Combo Pack: Produce) has three 30 minute episodes all hosted by a fun and very energetic Joel Green!

For this review we received DVD Combo Pack-Produce ($24.95).
You can also buy these episodes individually for $19.95, so purchasing the Combo Pack is a real savings.

The kids and I learned how cranberries, oranges, and mushrooms are grown and harvested.
All were of interest to me but I really liked the mushroom episode. I love, love, love, mushrooms and consume them almost daily! I didn’t realize that they are grown inside, that was something new I learned.

In this combo pack you and your children will also learn how oranges are grown, harvested (they are handled with care), cleaned, packaged, and shipped. Did you know that many oranges are picked when they are still a little green? I didn’t.

Cranberries, we love cranberries at our house. My kids can eat them straight from the bag. I always see cranberries in water so I um, thought they grew under water, wrong! Thankfully I watched Curiosity Quest and now know the truth!

We also were blessed with DVD Combo Pack-Swimmers of the Sea ($24.95).
On this DVD Combo Pack your children will learn about Salmon, Sea Turtles, and Penguins.

My kiddos watched this one before I did. A few days after they had viewed it Lance asked, “Did you know that Salmon fish go back to where they live because it’s like they’re smelling stuff?”

He was talking about imprinting which to me is fascinating how Salmon years later will return to where they were born to spawn. The Salmon stay in what they call a Net Pen for about 3 months before they are released to be free. While they are there they learn the chemical composition of the water. It’s kind of like they are learning the scent.

Out of this combo my favorite was learning about the Salmon. You and your children will learn about the life cycle of the Salmon. Did you know depending on the kind of Salmon they can live from 3-7 years? Wow, so when they return to their birthplace to spawn it has been years since they have been there but yet they know the way because of what they call imprinting! I have a hard time remembering how to get from point A to point B.

Also on this Combo Pack you will visit Marathon Florida and learn how injured or sick Sea Turtles are cared for so they can return to their natural habitat. Did you know that Joel Green was not allowed to touch any of the turtles? You and I can’t either because the turtles are protected by the government. You need a special permit or license to handle them otherwise you can end up owing a fine and even spend time in the slammer!

Penguins are so cute and in their own way cuddly (at least to me). My children and I have watched films about penguins that live in the artic but haven’t learned much about the little guys that live Monetary Bay Aquarium.
Curiosity Quest
My younger children ages 13, 12, 11, and 10 have watched both DVD Combo Packs a few times and have really enjoyed them. In fact I signed us up for the Curiosity Quest Homeschool Monthly Membership! It cost $24.95, this includes free shipping, yay! I love free shipping. You also get 2 DVD each month delivered to your mailbox with follow up questions, projects, and activities.

In case you have a Lego loving child like I do, Curiosity Quest has a 30 minute LegoLand DVD which shows how Legos are made. This is one that I plan to get for my Lego loving boys!

As you can see we absolutely loved our Curiosity Quest DVDs. They received a 5 star rating here at Homeschooling6!

Recommended age for Curiosity Quest is 7-14.

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  1. I really enjoyed the salmon one as well. And I might have to check out the Lego one.


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