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Schoolhouse Review: Philosophy Adventure

Home School Adventure Co.
 The Home School Adventure Co. has put together a wonderful writing program: Philosophy Adventure.
It not only covers writing but speech, critical thinking, geography, and history.
Philosophy Adventure is a very flexible program. You can use as you main curriculum and will only need to add science, math and a foreign language or you can use it to supplement with what you are currently using.
With each philosopher (lesson) you can go at your own pace. You can complete a lesson in a week or take up to a month, it’s that flexible.
Philosophy adventure can be used with students in grades 6-12. The younger children will need you to work along side them. I used this with my 12 and 13 year old boys and we worked through each lessons together.
When using Philosophy Adventure to its fullest with your high student you can apply credits. Although you would need to check with your state here is a sample of how you can apply the credits.
Philosophy Adventure 5
What I received:
*Reader Digital Download (Pdf format)
*Student Workbook Digital Download
*Teachers Resource Digital Download
All for $39.95
The Reader is just amazingly beautiful. It’s in full color.
Philosophy Adventure
In The Reader you and your child will read about eight philosophers:
In the front pages of The Reader you will find a 4 or 5 day weekly schedule. This was really helpful to me. I would have preferred an even more detailed one but this gave me something to follow and get started.
Anatomy Card
The Reader also includes the writing lessons, critical thinking lessons, historical geography, public speaking lessons, writing prompts, and also included are 7 checklist that are very detailed.
The 7 checklist: Start (prewriting), Substance, Structure, Style, Polish, Peer Critique, and Evaluation.
As you can see a lot of effort, thought, and prayer went into putting this wonderful writing program together.
Also included is a Student Workbook.
Philosophy Adventure
The Student Workbook contains mapping assignments, notebook pages, journal pages, creative free writing assignments.
If you have a pencil phobia child he can type his answer directly into the Student Notebook and print the pages with his answers.
Philosophy Adventure 6
The last component in this package is the Teacher Resource. This contains: Memory Cards, Timeline Resources, Master Map, Map Keys, Quizzes.
How we used Philosophy Adventure: I used this with Caleb 7th grade and Brent 6th grade. Both my boys have not had a lot of writing experience so they did struggle through that part of the program. This is more of an advanced writing course but I wanted my boys to be introduced to the critical thinking and learning about the Philosophers.
I printed each lesson as we needed them.
The first lesson went well but I didn’t feel like we completed it correctly. I was still getting a feel for the program.
When it came time for the second lesson I labeled everything. This way I knew exactly what it was. For instance if it was a quiz page I wrote ‘quiz’.
One thing that I would like to see for the download format anyway, is each book have the title on the bottom of the page. If the page came from the reader than have “Reader”, if the page came from the workbook than have “Student Workbook” because at first I was getting all the pages mixed up.
Here is how a lesson was completed at our house. Each lesson took 2 weeks.
I read the story of the philosopher to the boys at the beginning of each lesson at least 3 times a week. We each had a copy of the philosopher story so they followed along.
We then started working on the notebooking pages, timelines, mapping. This took us 2-3 days depending on what other subjects we had that day. The boys did this together.
Throughout the week we would use the memory cards which my boys loved. 
What I like about the pdf format is it was freeing to write directly in the book because I could always print a new page. I wrote notes reminding me to go do a journal page or notebooking page.
Final thoughts: This is a keeper. My boys are not advanced in writing so we may hold off on that portion of the program for now. That’s one of the beauties of Philosophy Adventures. You can cater the program to work for you.
My boys enjoy learning about the philosophers and I have as well. We may take a little longer than two weeks to cover a lesson.
If Philosophy Adventure sounds like something you’d like to try, right now is the time to buy. From now until May 15th you can purchase and get 10% off!!!
Home School Adventure Co.
I fell in love with Homeschool Adventure Co. and have already purchased the rest of the products: Philippians in 28 Weeks, Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal, and The Wise Women Think Critically Journal.
You can also find Homeschool Adventure at: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.
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  1. What a sweet, wonderful, encouraging review. I am so honored. Thank you, Linda!

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