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Sick Week

My kiddos have been dropping like flies with being sick. Monday Josh came down with some weird flu like symptoms. He was dizzy, couldn’t stand for very long, and his head and throat hurt.

Tuesday Annette said her head hurt. Wednesday she was bed ridden too. With her it was her allergies. She had a hard time breathing because her nasal passages were stuffed, she had watery eyes, had a headache, her body ached, and she had some chills. She gets like this when her allergies are acting up.

Wednesday Caleb asked for an Advil. Thankfully he hasn’t been as sick as the others but has had a headache since. He’s been on Advil for the past few days.
Thursday, Ethan started feeling sick. He has a headache, is coughing, and has no appetite. He has a slight fever.

Friday, Brent was stricken as well. He is hot but has chills. He has no appetite as well. His head and body aches. Bright lights make him feel worse.
I was so tired yesterday I was almost in tears. It was kind of funny because at 1:00 P.M. I looked out my kitchen window to see the neighbor across the street (who does nothing but hangs out in his garage all day) cooking up some steaks on his BBQ pit. I thought, it must be nice to have time to BBQ ones lunch.

This was when I was so, so, tired. The baby was fussy and the kids needed tending too like when they were little.

Then today I just had to laugh because seeing the guy cooking up his steaks the day before was my ‘breaking’ point (when I wanted to just collapse, lol). I had to laugh about what happened yesterday because today I’m doing much better. I can’t believe I was envious of the guys time, how silly of me. Of course I’d rather be tending to my little brood than have nothing to do but walk around in my garage.
Since I have been super busy with the children and babysitting I had to make a quick batch of laundry detergent. Usually I enjoy cooking up some homemade laundry detergent but not this week.

Instead I took a gallon milk jug filled half way with hot tap water then put 1TBL of Downy Unstoppables Fresh in Wash Scent Booster, I shook the water to let the Downy Unstoppables dissolve. I then added 3TBL of the blue Dawn liquid detergent, then filled up the rest of the jug with water, and that was my laundry detergent. Works great, it gets the job done.

I didn’t want my kiddos to dehydrate so I made my electrolyte ‘sports’ drink for them.
I squeezed 1/2 cup of fresh orange juice, 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/8-1/4 tsp of Himalayan salt, 1 cup coconut water, 1 cup water, 1tsp vitamin C powder (optional), some of the pith from the lemon (not much also optional), 1tbl of MCT oil or coconut oil, 2tbls raw honey, 1 little scoop of Now Stevia or whatever sweetener you like.

Put all ingredients in the blender and blend. Pour over ice.

With the coconut water I purchased just the water from the store. I have also used the water from the cans. I let the coconut cream rise to the top.

I have also used coconut cream because I was out of coconut water and didn’t want to open another can. When I used the cream I put about 3tbl and added 2 cups water.
The kiddos (except Ethan of course) liked it.

No school happened today. Lance thankfully has not gotten sick. I could have done some school with him but I didn’t.


  1. Your drink sounds so healthy! I wish I liked coconut water.

    Praying for your family's health to be restored.

  2. I hope that you and your family are feeling better.

    (((hugs))) & prayers!

  3. Thank you. Saturday was my day. I've been sick on the couch or bed since. It's been horrible. I wonder if it's the flu. I have had chills, been hot, head and body aches, coughing.

  4. We are getting over it here, too. Your electrolyte sport drink sounds good right now. Hope you are all feeling better!

  5. Thank you Michelle, we are slowly on the road to recovery. I'm still feverish and achy but I need to get back to our days.


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