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Moving Beyond the Page

Moving Beyond the Page
We completed another lesson of Moving Beyond the Page Language Arts: Bull Run.

Today Caleb and Brent continued to place the characters from the book Bull Run in the proper states by cutting and pasting.
One I was done reading we went over linking verbs. They had to write 3-5 sentences using linking verbs.

Lastly they made (finishing this today) a propaganda poster. They have to design their own Civic War propaganda poster. I didn’t know that Caleb is good at rhyming.

We are still working through lesson one of Slavery and the Civil War, this is the Social Studies unit that corresponds with Bull Run.
Moving Beyond the Page Social Studies
The children are working on making a brochure about each state. Next week we will start lesson 2.
Caleb and Brent were happy that they were able to skip their regular writing and grammar programs this week to work on Moving Beyond the Page units. Both units have them writing and the LA unit includes grammar and a huge plus, they are also getting in some history.
Caleb and Brent working on their brochures. Brent is still waking up Winking smile!
Annette is almost done with unit 3 of Industrialization, Urbanization, and Immigration from Moving Beyond the Page.
Moving Beyond the Page Social Studies 1
Today she had to compare photographs of American Indians with how they looked before and after they were moved to government reservations.

This unit is a Social Studies unit but she is using it more as a writing program. So today with studying the pictures we thought of it as a picture study/narration. She wrote how the clothes must have felt, how the people, looked, and what they must have gone through.

That’s another day with using Moving Beyond the Page here at Homeschooling6!

Brent in the Morning ;)

Moving Beyond the Page
My Brent yesterday. He is not a morning person. The other day he comes out of his room asking, Where’s the coffee”. He says that Josh stays up to late reading and he can’t fall asleep. Poor guy.

I need to get Josh a night lamp that he can take to bed.
Thankfully he is not moody and doesn’t gripe or complain. Here he is completing a Rod and Staff assignment.

I’m praying he’ll be ready for Rev2Rev next school year. I will probably modify it some for him. His reading is improving. I’m having him and Caleb read, read, read, and read some more. I know they just need to practice, practice, practice.

Memorial Day

We all slept in. Didn’t start our day until almost 10:00 A.M. By 11:00 A.M. we were out the door. We stopped at the community park to attend the memorial service. The forecast was rain but that didn’t stop the people from showing up at the service. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures. I wanted to but felt I shouldn’t be going around disturbing people and speakers (although there were a few people taking pictures and I didn’t feel as if they were in the way).

I loved the patriotic songs, the mention of God, and the prayers. I learned a few new things too. I didn’t know that when folding the American flag that each fold has a meaning. There was mention of our Christian faith and there were two folds that mentions mothers and fathers.

The ninth fold is a tribute to womanhood; for it has
been through their faith, their love, loyalty and
devotion that the character of the men and women who
have made this country great has been molded.
The tenth fold is a tribute to the father, for he,
too, has given his sons and daughters for the defense
of our country since they were first born.”

After the ceremony we went to Wendy’s for lunch. We were all hungry. Half Price Books was having a 20% off sale, so we stopped there too.
I found some great books for a great price. Wahoo!
 Half Price Books
I bought the SAT books for $.80 each. One for Josh and one for Annette. I have had the SAT book on my ‘to buy’ list for months and months so this was a great find indeed!

And for less than $4.00 I purchased The Amazing Book  reader.
The Amazing Book
My hubby looked at me funny when he saw that I wanted to buy The Amazing Book. At the moment he didn’t understand that Revver, Doc Dickory, and Rikki bring back memories of my mother. She bought us (or more for my little brother) the VHS of The Amazing Book.

I now have the dvd, soundtrack, and am happy to add the Bible reader to my little collection. I’m going to have Lance read The Amazing Book.
By the time we were all done picking out our books it was already supper time (Lupe had to stop at the apartments too, to look into something).

On the way home we stopped for some $1.50 burgers. Meteor was having a special that day.
Brent sipping his water.
Lance looking serious (as he often does).
Annette, not sure what she’s looking at.
Joshua ready to dig into his burger.
Ethan and his cousin.
It was wet outside in our little town. I guess while we were out shopping in the big city that storm that didn’t show up the day before passed through. We missed it.

When we got home we took a 30 minute break then went outside to do some yard work.

These pictures below are actually from Sunday.
It was overcast but I don’t think that is why the picture aren’t clear. I’m pretty sure my little guy Lance has something to do with it. He is forever taking pictures and sometimes changes the settings. Maybe we have a future photographer!
Brent shoveling the mulch off the back of the truck.
Caleb back for another load.
I didn’t know my Sweets was taking pictures of me. I just found these two as I was getting the pictures ready for this post today!
I Knew about this one of course.
When I saw my Sweets with the camera I gave him a big goofy cheeser!
Josh pounding in some poles for the compost. We moved it from another part of the yard.
Caleb and Brent transformed the area around the tree. It was really horrid looking before.
Lupe snapping away again.
Completed garden and yard.
It was a good productive weekend and we all loved having Lupe home for an extra day.

Schoolhouse Review: Apologia Educational Ministries (What on Earth Can I Do?)

Apologia Review
Apologia Educational Ministries is one of my favorite homeschooling publishers. I have been collecting their Elementary Science books and their What We Believe series (in fact I purchased the book that was missing from my What We Believe collection this week).  My daughter is currently using Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?
Annette was excited when I told here I was one of the Schoolhouse Reviewers for the 4th book in the What We Believe series: What on Earth Can I Do? She is happy that we now have all 4 books!
What I Received:
What on Earth Can I Do? Hardback book ($39.00)
What on Earth Can I Do? Notebooking Journal ($24.00)
What on Earth Can I Do? Jr. Notebooking Journal ($24.00)
What on Earth Can I Do? Coloring Book ($8.00)
Age Range:
Grades 1st-6th
Jr. Notebooking Journal: Recommended for ages 6-9
What On Earth Can I Do? consist of 8 lessons with each lesson taking up to 2-3 weeks to complete.
The 8 Lessons:
*Your Story or God’s Story?
*Who Put You in Charge?
*Will You Be Found Faithful?
*Where is Your Treasure?
*Where Does Your Time Go?
*Whose Life is it Anyway?
*Why Isn’t it Easy Being Green?
*What Happens When the Master Returns?
(all thought provoking questions that you and your child will study)
Each lesson starts with an introduction to the topic. For instance the first lesson title is: Your Story or God’s Story, so the introduction is about Claude Rains one of the greatest film actors. Mr. Rains overcame a speech impediment and because of his voice his presence on screen could help make the film go from an ordinary film to a great one.  But Mr. Rains was rarely the star of the show. He wasn’t what one would call having the “good looks” of a  movie star.
Mr. Rain played his role to the best of his ability. He made the leading actors shine and every scene he appeared in was made better. He never tried to upstage or steal the scene from the leading actor/actress.
With this example so continues the rest of the lesson about Who’s story is it? We do not have the leading role in this story. God is the central character.
There is a story weaved through the lessons 1-4 about the Edward’s family in London during the time when Hitler was in power. Their father was away at war, they had daily bomb drills, just a life so different from ours. The family learns how they are stewards of everything that God has given them. Not owners.
Each lesson includes Parables of Jesus. These stories stay true to the parables as told in the Bible but are adapted to help the child understand the cultural, what the person might have thought, and in some added characters that might help the child to better understand the story.
At the end of the parable story there are Going Deeper questions. Here is where you will use your Bible to read the parable and then continue with the questions.
With lesson one you are to read:
~ Luke 15:11-32
~John 15:1-8
~Luke 15:7
As you go through the book you will also get some history learning too. My daughter was very interested in What on Earth Can I Do? because many of the stories are set in the time period she is studying.
The Notebooking Journal includes:
~Blank Note-Taking Pages: your child can draw ideas, attach pictures or articles, and record Bible verses.
~Think About It: there are question about the story, your child can write their answers or it can be completed orally.
~Words to Know: your child will right the definition of vocabulary words for that lesson.
~Hide It In My Hear: this is where your child can write or draw how the lesson applies to his or her life.
~Word Puzzles: give the child another way to retain the information from the lesson.
The above is only half of what is included in the notebook. Your child will make mini books and other lapbook type booklets. These are included in the back of the journal to be cut and pasted in the current lesson.
There are pages for praise and prayers to be recorded, as you can see there are many ways for you and your child to not only record information about the lesson but also personalize the journal and have their story written down. It shows how they fit in to His story.
Ethan used the Notebooking Journal, we actually completed many of the pages together. The journal is a wonderful way to keep a scrapbook of their journey of learning about stewardship. There are many pages to make it their own. You can draw picture, add photographs of your child, write notes, prayers, and praises.
What on Earth Can I Do?
Because we are not big on notebooking and journaling at first we were somewhat intimidated about all the open space. Ethan doesn’t like to sit and draw let alone write.
I thought Ethan’s journal was going to be quite empty and plain but I didn’t want that for him.
Thankfully the Lord knew what was on my heart and brought to my attention that Ethan doesn’t have to do all the writing. I can add to it as well. Many years late he can look back and see what was on his mama’s heart.
With the Living Out Loud page we both thought of areas that Ethan could work on. Again, I wrote down what we both decided for him to work on during the two weeks it took us to complete a lesson.
I would like Ethan to write more in his journal and as time passes I’ll encourage him to do so. For now, I want him to enjoy our Bible study time together.
We have really enjoyed doing the crossword puzzles and word searches together. Sometimes we snuggle on the couch and other times we sat at the table.
What on Earth Can I Do?
Here you can see one of the mini books Ethan put together.
Ethan broke his pinkie about the time of this review so his penmanship is not as nice as it usually is. He’s still getting use to his pinkie all bandaged up with a pin sticking out of it.
The Junior Notebook has less words and bigger font for the crossword puzzles and word searches. Instead of writing the definitions for the vocabulary words they have a fill-in-the blank. Coloring pages are added as well.
There is also a 64 page Coloring Book for children who like to color while mom is reading (at least that is how we used it). My boys don't just color just to color but if I'm reading they don't mind =)
What on Earth Can I Do?
Ethan cut out his coloring page and glued it into his notebook. I thought that was a creative way to keep his coloring pages. There are enough coloring pages for each lesson for your child to pick and choose. Ethan likes to color but not enough to color every page from the coloring book.
How We Used It
At first I decided to use this with both Ethan (11yrs.) and Lance (9yrs.). I wanted to do this together with them. The first couple of times that I had us do our lessons together went okay but soon I found myself only sitting with Ethan.
My two youngest boys are a bit moody and if are caught in a ‘mood’ especially together things don’t go so well. With that said, I ended up separating them which meant reading the lessons twice. Well that did not go very well and our stewardship journey went from the 3 of us to only 2.
I do look forward to starting up again with Lance. I have really enjoyed my time using What on Earth Can I Do? with Ethan. I can see Lance and I having a wonderful mother-son time while going through this study. I know we’ll probably go a bit slower though.
As for using it with Ethan, we have had some good discussions about the stories and how we fit into God’s story. I really like how Ethan is learning that everything we have is really God’s and we are stewards of all that he has blessed us with.
The stories are interesting and keep his attention. When I start Lance with this again I can see his brain thinking (like gears in a clock) and him asking some deep questions.
There was one section in his notebook where the child is to sign a Transfer of Title.
Notice that Ethan’s is not signed. He didn’t like that the word ‘promise’ was in there. He felt  promising was something he couldn’t do. It made him feel like he would fail God if he did not remember each day that his money, talents, family, toys, everything were God’s. 
Even though there was another line that said, “I will try my best to ask Him each day . . . “, Ethan still felt because the word promise was there that he couldn’t do it.
I totally respect how he feels and was glad that he voiced how he felt. He even talked to his dad about why at the moment (if ever) he felt he shouldn’t sign it.
Final Thoughts
Being one of the reviewers for What On Earth Can I Do? is a blessing. I do my best as a mom to teach that all things belong to Christ and we need to be stewards of them.
At times, unfortunately life can get busy and having a study like What On Earth Can I Do? is a great tool to remind me to bring things like this up. That this is ultimately God’s story. Life is not all about me, me, me. All that we have is because of Him.
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Packing Books

I’m getting antsy, I want to get my school stuff ready for next year. I’m excited and probably over doing it again. I seem to do that every year.

So today I started packing up books. Not school books, just every day book. I packed 7 boxes. Whew, it took me a good 4 hours. It was hard putting some in the boxes. It’s like saying goodbye to good friends There were so many we could read right now.

Hubby and I went to storage because I’m on the hunt for my Heart of Dakota programs. I found Creation to Christ, Bigger, and Little Hearts. I really wanted to find Preparing. It’s funny how every time I go to storage I’d see my Preparing Curriculum but when I want to bring it home I couldn’t find it.
Heart of Dakota
I took a few boxes of books from storage to organize and take back. It was like CHRISTmas opening the boxes and seeing books tat I love.
Look what I found.
The Story of the World. I’d love to use the modern history one right now with the student activity pages.

What I’d like to do is get all my Heart of Dakota programs out of storage and put them on the bookshelves in the living room. This way I can take my time with getting everything ready like printing, binding, and 3-hole punching.

This year (2013/2014) I ordered so late that I didn’t organize things the way I would have liked and we all felt it.

This time I want to get a head start with printing maps, composer studies, notebooking pages that I found on the HOD Yahoo Groups, and binding them too.

My plans for next year is to have Annette and Josh continue with Heart of Dakota. Just buy the consumables for Annette.

I want Caleb to use Mission to Modern Marvels and Brent use Revival to Revolution. I’m so thankful I found Rev2Rev used. All I need to do is purchase a few consumables and possibly another guide for myself.

Now here comes the crazy part and I’m not sure if I will really do this. I’d like Lance to use Preparing and Ethan Creation to Christ. Okay, stop laughing . . .I know, I know, I’ve tried to use more than 2 guides in the past and it didn’t work.

I would start the 2 youngest at half speed then in January try to get them doing a bit more. A lot of this is probably wishful thinking but I’m having fun getting things together.

That’s the plans for now. Having my plans and it actually happening are two different things. I am okay if it takes more than a year to finish the guides.
So there you have it. My plans for 2014/2015. Thankfully I have all the guides (except Little Hands) and I’ll only need to purchase the consumable items. This is a huge help. I am no longer buying two programs a year which can be a bit expensive.

I’ll have to write more about my homeschool plans later. It’s late and I’m tired. I babysat from 7:00 A.M. – 9:30 P.M. and tomorrow I have the girls at 6:00 A.M. and why am I writing at 11:48 P.M. because I’m excited about my school plans =)

Moving Beyond the Page and More (Day 3)

Today our Language Arts unit: Bull Run, from Moving Beyond the Page was a bit dry but that’s okay. There are days like that with any LA program.
Today we focused on helping verbs so you can see it wasn’t coloring maps or putting a timeline together (although we did do a timeline using the social studies unit).

I also read some more Civil War Letters (primary source documents). After I read the letters Caleb and Brent were suppose to circle all the helping verbs that were in the letter but instead I had them go on a helping verb hunt using their own book that they are currently reading.
Here is what the boys completed Monday.
Bull Run
We completed lesson 2 and I was able to check it off!
Bull Run LA
Although each unit can be used alone I thought it would be great if we parked ourselves for a while to learn more about the Civil War and slavery.

 I purchased Slavery and the Civil War from Moving Beyond the Page as well.
After completing Bull Run I had the boys put their timeline together as a  start. They were suppose to complete a population map today too but I’ll have them do that tomorrow.
Moving Beyond the Page
Here is Brent putting the timeline together as part of the Social Studies unit.
Moving Beyond the Page
His completed timeline.
Here is a look at Caleb’s and Brent’s workload. Since they have the same books I only took one picture.
To make life easier for this mama I try when I can to purchase both boys their own set of books.
It’s a little more expensive but it gives the boys a feel of ownership and there are no lost books. In the past I have tried having them share but it seemed a book would go missing.

And I’m talking about textbooks. I always buy two when it comes to consumable workbooks.

Caleb and Brent are moving along in All About Reading level 3!
I don’t know if this is really helping them, they are on the older side, ages: 12 and 13. My prayer is they will be great readers once they complete level 4 which should be out by Sept.

With Ethan I’m still not sure if I want to continue with English Lessons Through Literature or Rod and Staff English.

I love how English Lessons Through Literature is set up with picture studies, fables, poems, copywork, and grammar through literature but my workbookish self keeps pulling me more to the textbook way of learning like Rod and Staff English.

I thought about starting Rod and Staff English today but I didn’t. It’s in the picture though because I had planned to have Ethan do a lesson, sigh.
I have really enjoyed my time with Ethan using What on Earth Can I Do?
Ethan is almost done with All About Reading level 2!

Joshua, Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance continue to use CTC Math. Today Joshua was happy to earn a platinum certificate.

Caleb also uses Math-U-See Zeta. Annette is working her way through Math-U-See Pre-Algebra.