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Happenings at Homeschooling6

I don’t have a picture to share not even a pic of all the junk food I bought for Joshua and his friends.

Today Josh invited 4 of his church friends to spend some time with playing risk and watch a few Clone War episodes.

I had 9 boys munching on chips, soda pop, and chocolate cake in the living room. It smelled of Doritos!

They had two Risk games going at once. After a few hours they paused the game to watch Clone Wars.

Our church is pretty much a homeschooling one. Not that you have to homeschool to join or anything but it just so happens that 90% of us homeschool. It’s pretty neat.

Other happenings:
~Caleb helped his dad install insulation in the attic last night.
~We all went to bed late yesterday (Friday). The kids at midnight and Lupe and I were up till 2:00 A.M.
~Josh rearranged his room that he shares with Brent and Lance.
~Annette spent sometime with her dad helping him fix things at the apartments.
~The weather was nice today. Reminded Lupe and I of southern California weather.
~Lupe and I had a wonderful time on our date. We ate at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, had a Mocha (one was free), and went to Target.

~Our virtue for this week was Diligent
~Ethan’s pinkie is doing well. We have a doctor appt. on Tuesday.
~Caleb is growing up. He’s maturing so much.
~The fish is still alive!!!


  1. Sounds like fun! How nice to have so many in your church that homeschool :)

  2. What a fun mom you are! My boys would have LOVED all of right down to the junk food and games. :)

  3. Thanks, they loved it. It's funny how all the boys love the game Risk. I don't care for it myself. I guess it's more a boy game ;)


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