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Homeschool Day

For some reason it feels like a Friday. Maybe it’s the sunny day with a cool breeze, windows opened to let the fresh air in, the light rays, and that Annette and I took a walk to the park during our lunch hour. I don’t know, but what ever it is, I’m enjoying today!

I do know that teaching with my new Mama’s Day gift makes it much more fun!
I teach standing in front of a white board like you'd see in a public school. I know it may sound weird to some homeschooling mamas but I think it stems from the ‘teacher’ in me.

I have voiced through the years how much I’d love a music stand to hold my books closer to the whiteboard. When I’m copying a sentence or something from the teacher manual I’m always turning around and back. It’s just a little thing I know.
The kids surprised me with a Gearlux Deluxe Collapsible Orchestra Music Stand. They all pitched in to get this for their mama! I guess they were brain storming with what to get me when Brent suggested the music stand. The other kids at first didn’t like the idea. Brent reminded them that its been on my wish list for years.

Okay, back to our school day =)

After the usual morning routine of showering, morning coffee, checking emails, and such, I started school with Caleb and Brent.
Those two can make any subject fun. There is always laughing with them, I love it!

Our first subject was Rod and Staff English. We completed lesson 56. Today's lesson: Using set and sit. For review and practice they did some diagramming and went over raise, rise, and lie, lay.

Then we moved onto Writing and Rhetoric Book 2: Narrative. We are on lesson 3 and completed some Sentence Play, Copiousness, reviewing adjectives by underlining them, and labeled a sentence. Tomorrow they will work on Amplification. They will take the parable The Rich Fool and add more details.

Our last subject where I ‘teach’ before I let them loose was All About Reading.
All About Reading
I am really enjoy teaching with All About Reading. I have tried it in the past and didn’t like it but for some reason I do now.  
I am happy to write that we are moving right along. We completed lesson 23.

On their own time Caleb and Brent completed a CTC Math lesson (with Caleb also completing Math-U-See: Zeta).

Caleb was having some trouble with Zeta but now that he has been using CTC Math along with it, he now has a better understanding of fractions.
CTC Math
Caleb has been working on this section of CTC Math since March 13th, so it’s taken him a while. He likes to get the 100% mark. I’m impressed with his dedication. Good job Caleb!

Also on their own time they practiced some language arts using the Learning Palette.
Learning Palette
They are using level 3. The websites says 3rd grade but thankfully there are only levels on the packaging.

Today I had Caleb practice the Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones cards.
Learning Palette
I’ve mentioned on a previous post that these are some of the little things that have slipped through the cracks. Yikes! Bad mama. It’s hard to remember everything. 

I read once that one homeschooling mama forgot to teach her oldest son cursive. He had already graduated and was home while his mom was teaching his younger brother cursive. He said to his mom, “Hey, mom, you never taught me cursive.”

His mom was surprised and didn’t realize it. I’m sure there will be something I will miss but thankfully they can read.

Brent used the Grammar cards.
Learning Palette
Brent also used some of the cards from Math level 5. The learning palettes are a fun way to get some schooling in. There is no paper and pencil required!

Both boys continue to use Spelling You See.

After Caleb and Brent, Ethan was in the hot seat. Sorry, no pictures.

We started with Writing and Rhetoric Book 1: Fable. We are working through lesson 3 and today he too worked with Amplification. Our fable was The Crow and the Pitcher. Because he doesn’t like to write and his pinkie finger is broken, he didn’t really make the story that interesting but he did accomplish to make it longer which was part of the assignment.

After we did an All About Reading 2 lesson. He completed lesson 36. Again, I’m happy to report that we are moving right along. Yay, I’m so excited that we have been consistent with this.

I’m not happy to report that I have only taught one English Lessons Through Literature. By the time I’m done with Ethan it’s lunch time. After lunch I try to get some lesson in with Lance.

I also read from What on Earth Can I Do? He completes the notebooking pages with me for the most part. We have fun doing them together. Some we do orally.

I also assigned him to do his multiplication Wrap-ups along with the pages of 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery.

He also needs to complete a CTC Math. If I don’t keep on him with this he’d skip it unfortunately. He’s not motivated with ribbons and certificates.

Lastly, I have Lance. I still need to sit with him. He has completed his CTC Math. He mastered 2-digit subtraction with trading and is now working through Checking Subtraction using Addition.

His 1st score was 20% and after trying and trying and trying, he scored a 100% with an average of 93%.
CTC Math
One always scores better with the support of a loving brother like Brent!
I totally love that picture of Brent and Lance. They were laughing and Brent was cheering Lance on. It melted this mama’s heart Red heart!

Lance also completed (out of order I might add) pages from 10 Days to Addition Mastery. He was suppose to only do certain pages in a certain order. I guess he got to excited and decided to do only certain ones. 

My iced coffee today was so good!
I love the way the cream swirls and mixes. Goofy me, like I said, it’s the little things . . .

Oh, and we are still working on I am Helpful virtue. When I sit with each child(ren) I go over the virtue and throughout the day I’ll say, “I am kind or diligent or helpful” depending on what’s going on. So the kids and I are hearing them many times through the day.


  1. Awww....a heartfelt gift! I teach sitting down and usually with a blanket wrapped around me...hehe! I just love how homeschooling allows us to teach how we are comfortable.

  2. I don't know why or how I ended up being up front when I teach. I do sit and snuggle too but more for read aloud time.

    Funny, and yes, it's great that we can teach how we are comfortable.



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