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Mama’s Day

It started with us waking up a little bit late. Thankfully we made it to church with 2 minutes to spare.

Lupe taught Sunday School today. He had the kiddos make a Mother’s Day card and then started on his lesson about one blood. We are studying Genesis.

After church the kiddos and hubby took me out for lunch at Roadside BBQ. It was delicious. We all enjoyed some pulled pork, roasted turkey (which was really tender) and strips of steak all smothered in BBQ sauce.
After lunch we headed to David’s Bridal. My little sister is getting married in July and I get to be part of the wedding party.

I was fitted for my dress and had everything ordered.
Lupe surprised us all with a trip to Half Price Books.
Next stop, home for a nice nap. The kiddos let mama sleep for 2 whole hours! I was tired.

When I woke the kiddos wanted me to open my cards. My gift won’t be here for another few days.
Mama's Day 
Lance is next to me so he’s not in the picture.
Annette worked hard all week making cards. One for grandma, one for Auntie V, and she still made time to make me one. I felt so special.
She searched online and everything to figure out how to make paper flowers.
She wrote nice things about me.

Caleb made me a card too.
Caleb is so funny. He said he had to cut out Brent. We all had a good laugh about that. Brent especially.

Lupe took me out to dinner. We enjoyed some fajitas together. I forgot to take a picture.
Lupe and I texted a few mamas to wish them Happy Mother’s Day.

Last stop for the day was Starbucks. I had a sugar free Mocha Frap made with heavy cream. People always give me a funny look when I order. They are probably thinking, “So you want no sugar but cream”, most people are looking for fat free. Not me, just sugar free.
My coffee had whipped cream. I forgot to say now whip. My dear Sweets took the whipped cream off for me. He is so super sweet.

The book I’m reading is the one I picked up at Half Price. A Little Maid of England.
It’s about a young girl who lives in Massachusetts. Her mother died and father is lost at sea believed to have drowned. She is taken in by a kind couple. I’m only on chapter one but so far I like it. I would like to stay up all night reading it but I must teach the kiddos tomorrow and I babysit the little guy.

We went home to watch Monster vs. Aliens with the kids. They had been waiting all day for me to watch this with them. Watching with mama is always more fun than without. I am thankful and so glad my kids enjoy hanging out with me.
The kids and hubby gave me some flowers. Lupe always gets them at Costco and arranges them for me. This year he had Annette and Caleb do the arranging. What sweet kiddos I have.

My sister-in-law gave me a nice gift of goodies.
As you can see I already had some of the coffee brew. I made me an iced coffee with it.


  1. Looks like a beautiful mama's day for a one beautiful mom!

  2. Thank you, it was a nice day. The kiddos bought me a music stand but it didn't arrive in time. It is really nice.


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