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Moving Beyond the Page and More (Day 2)

Today with schooling I got off to a good start. Was it waking a half hour earlier, was it that I didn’t check my email until later, or maybe I noticed our virtues hanging up and decided I was going to follow them =) All I can say is thank you Jesus for all we have done today. It’s been great!!!

I started off with Bull Run. One of the Language Arts units from Moving Beyond the Page (I always want to write ‘pages’).
Moving Beyond the Page
First I had the children take out their state map that they color coded yesterday. This way as I read the story of Pink and Say they could refer to who was who and on what side of the war they were on.

I read Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco to the boys. Whenever the word Union, Confederate, a place, or a state name was mentioned I asked whose side or where is that on the map?

The children learned how young some of the soldiers where and what prisoners of war went through. I didn’t realize how awful the POW’s were treated. I knew it was not a walk in the park but to be herded like cattle and starved to death, a terrible way to have to survive (or not) for months and years.

We also learned of a place called Andersonville. This was Camp Sumter was one of the largest Confederate prisoner camps. It was way over crowded. The kids and I will be taking a rabbit trail and learning more about Andersonville.
After reading Pink and Say I was read the Good Samaritan (adapted) and we discussed how Pink was like the Samaritan.

The boys and I also identified factual information from the book Pink and Say. I had them write this information in their Language Arts notebook.
Writing and Rhetoric
Caleb and Brent were both anxiously waiting to read their writing assignments. Don’t you just love when the kids are actually looking forward to a school subject?!?!
Writing and Rhetoric
This assignment from lesson 3 they had to rewrite The Rich Fool as a wise person: The Rich Sage.

They just have a blast with rewriting and adding their own style (and silliness).
Writing and Rhetoric
Then we moved onto lesson 4
Brent would like clothed pictures of people in his book. He asked, “Why did they always have people with no clothes on back then?”

Next subject was Rod and Staff English. We corrected lesson 59 and the the boys will complete lesson 60, the Written Practice and Review and Practice sections on their own.
Brent’s work. Both boys are doing a great job with Rod and Staff English. They are even writing the date and lesson number on their pages. Wahoo!

After how many years of reminding Winking smile
While we were going over our lesson I snapped a picture of Caleb.
Rod and Staff English
Today’s English lesson: Using Can, May, Teach, and Learn. Only 2 more lessons than a Chapter Review.

On their own time they will review grammar and math using Learning palettes.
Brent’s above and Caleb’s below.
Since the Stick With It Six Week Challenge that my friend and I did together back in January (I think it was) I have been slowly adding back our other subjects. This week I added science.

Caleb and Brent will get extra reading practice through science, yay!
They are continuing where we left off last year using Memoria Press: The Book of Insects. They are to complete one lesson a week.
Annette and I had our Bible time together. After reading from Hero Tales (part of Heart of Dakota) I read from Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?
Then I schooled Lance. We started lesson 9: Syllable Division Rule 3 (Part 1) of All About Reading level 2.
All About Reading
Lance doesn’t like cats, so this was an interesting lesson. He thinks cats are creepy and is a bit afraid of them.
With all the children including myself we have been working on past virtues as well as this weeks: I am Self Controlled.
Ethan working on his 10 Days of Multiplication Mastery.
When I can I take extra pictures of Ethan. He doesn’t like me to take pictures of him. So here is an extra one of Ethan.
Ethan completed lesson 40: The 3rd Job of Silent E and the 4th Sound of O, from All About Spelling level 2.
During lunch Joshua, Ethan, Lance and I watched an episode of Drive Thru History about John and Abigail Adams and John Quincy Adams. Some pretty amazing people.

Other happenings:
  • Annette, Josh, and Caleb went to the library with Grandpa
  • It’s hot in the house but nice outside
  • We are having beans and rice for supper
  • Lincoln Logs and Playmobiles are the chosen toys for the day with Lance and his cousins
  • We are not even in June and I have tan lines on my feet from my sandles
  • My husband has Memorial Day off
  • Ice tea has replaced iced coffee for the day =)
  • My kitchen table is actually cleared off. Normally school books are still on it at this time (3:38 P.M.)
And that’s another day at Homeschooling6!


  1. You are inspiring me to get moving! I've been having a hard time to get motivated enough to finish our last week of school. We are sluggish.

    Happy Homeschooling!

  2. How exciting to have only one week left. We will be schooling for most of the summer.I am trying to switch our school year from Sept.-June to Jan.-Sept. The transition year is a long one ;)


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