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Moving Beyond the Page and More (Day 3)

Today our Language Arts unit: Bull Run, from Moving Beyond the Page was a bit dry but that’s okay. There are days like that with any LA program.
Today we focused on helping verbs so you can see it wasn’t coloring maps or putting a timeline together (although we did do a timeline using the social studies unit).

I also read some more Civil War Letters (primary source documents). After I read the letters Caleb and Brent were suppose to circle all the helping verbs that were in the letter but instead I had them go on a helping verb hunt using their own book that they are currently reading.
Here is what the boys completed Monday.
Bull Run
We completed lesson 2 and I was able to check it off!
Bull Run LA
Although each unit can be used alone I thought it would be great if we parked ourselves for a while to learn more about the Civil War and slavery.

 I purchased Slavery and the Civil War from Moving Beyond the Page as well.
After completing Bull Run I had the boys put their timeline together as a  start. They were suppose to complete a population map today too but I’ll have them do that tomorrow.
Moving Beyond the Page
Here is Brent putting the timeline together as part of the Social Studies unit.
Moving Beyond the Page
His completed timeline.
Here is a look at Caleb’s and Brent’s workload. Since they have the same books I only took one picture.
To make life easier for this mama I try when I can to purchase both boys their own set of books.
It’s a little more expensive but it gives the boys a feel of ownership and there are no lost books. In the past I have tried having them share but it seemed a book would go missing.

And I’m talking about textbooks. I always buy two when it comes to consumable workbooks.

Caleb and Brent are moving along in All About Reading level 3!
I don’t know if this is really helping them, they are on the older side, ages: 12 and 13. My prayer is they will be great readers once they complete level 4 which should be out by Sept.

With Ethan I’m still not sure if I want to continue with English Lessons Through Literature or Rod and Staff English.

I love how English Lessons Through Literature is set up with picture studies, fables, poems, copywork, and grammar through literature but my workbookish self keeps pulling me more to the textbook way of learning like Rod and Staff English.

I thought about starting Rod and Staff English today but I didn’t. It’s in the picture though because I had planned to have Ethan do a lesson, sigh.
I have really enjoyed my time with Ethan using What on Earth Can I Do?
Ethan is almost done with All About Reading level 2!

Joshua, Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance continue to use CTC Math. Today Joshua was happy to earn a platinum certificate.

Caleb also uses Math-U-See Zeta. Annette is working her way through Math-U-See Pre-Algebra.

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