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Moving Beyond the Page Day and More

Today we started a Language Arts Unit from Moving Beyond the Page curriculum: Bull Run. I am really looking forward to this unit. Along with the Language Arts unit the boys will also be studying from their Social Studies unit: Slavery and the Civil War.
Moving Beyond the Page
Today we completed the prep work. The boys color coded their map of the united states: Confederate states, Union states, and border states.
Moving Beyond the Page
The boy really had fun with this and so did I.
It took them a while to color their states. I think they were having way too much fun!

The program will have the boys reference their map to help them keep track of the characters and which ones are Confederate and Union etc.
After the states I had the boys put their timeline together. I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of their completed timeline.

As they were cutting and pasting events onto their timeline I read from primary source documents which was a little difficult because the writing was so small but I did it.

It did take me a while to read it all. It was interesting though.
By the time I was done reading the above primary source from a prisoner of war at the prison camp Andersonville my eyes were seeing starts. It was like reading a blog that uses neon red font with black background (ouch on the eyes!). It was worth it though. It was really sad how they were treated.

Tomorrow we will go over verbs and predicates and hopefully will start lesson 2.
Moving Beyond the Page
Moving Beyond the Page
And that was our 1st day with using Moving Beyond the Page!

I was going to write another post for the rest of our school day but thought I’d just go ahead and put it here as well.
Here Lance is working hard memorizing his addition facts with 10 Days to Addition Mastery. He is doing well. I do try to drill him as well. I like these little workbooks.
I have already ordered 10 Days to Subtraction Mastery.
 10 Days to Additon Mastery
Actually these pictures of Lance completing his 10 Days of Addition are today’s and the ones above are yesterday’s pics.
Lance also completed an All About Reading lesson and CTC Math. He is having trouble with two digit subtraction and borrowing. I think this weekend I’ll go through the workbooks we have and pull some practice sheets out.
Ethan and I are having a good time with What on Earth Can I Do?
I didn’t take pictures of today’s work. What we did was write a prayer, he also wrote a praise, and we added things to the Living it Out Loud page (I think that’s what it’s called). One thing he he added was helping mom with the baby. I gave him some suggestions as well like no stomping off when he gets upset.

He also completed his 10 Days of Multiplication.
And 2 more lessons of All About Reading.
All About Reading
Ethan practiced reading words with the soft and hard sound of ‘G’.

Annette and I took another walk to the part. We let the little guy explore.
My low-carb lunch.
I don’t normally buy Joseph’s Pita Bread because it upsets my stomach. But once in a while I am willing to pay the price for a quick fixing lunch. I added feta cheese, chicken, cheddar cheese, and pizza seasoning. I’m all out of tomato sauce.

On the 18th (Sunday night) my hubby took me out to Taco Casa. We used a coupon, buy one tostada get one free.
Taco Casa
I didn’t eat the corn tortilla and although I normally can down two of these, this time I didn’t. I saved one for later. Yum.

Well this has been an all-over-the page post, haha, laughing at my own joke. Moving beyond the page-all over the page, yeah.

That’s another day here at Homeschooling6!


  1. Look at you go! Always so busy and full of inspiration.

    I've never used Moving Beyond the Page so it's neat to see you put it into action.

    Right now I am looking into Oak Meadow for 4th grade, but I'm not sure where I am headed yet.

  2. Oak Meadow, ooh, do tell ;) I was suppose to use that with Annette a few years ago. It looked really good. I forgot why we didn't go with it.

    I like the units of MBTP. They have a full year package but I like picking and choosing. Annette would like to use a few more of their units.


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