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Moving Beyond the Page

Moving Beyond the Page
We completed another lesson of Moving Beyond the Page Language Arts: Bull Run.

Today Caleb and Brent continued to place the characters from the book Bull Run in the proper states by cutting and pasting.
One I was done reading we went over linking verbs. They had to write 3-5 sentences using linking verbs.

Lastly they made (finishing this today) a propaganda poster. They have to design their own Civic War propaganda poster. I didn’t know that Caleb is good at rhyming.

We are still working through lesson one of Slavery and the Civil War, this is the Social Studies unit that corresponds with Bull Run.
Moving Beyond the Page Social Studies
The children are working on making a brochure about each state. Next week we will start lesson 2.
Caleb and Brent were happy that they were able to skip their regular writing and grammar programs this week to work on Moving Beyond the Page units. Both units have them writing and the LA unit includes grammar and a huge plus, they are also getting in some history.
Caleb and Brent working on their brochures. Brent is still waking up Winking smile!
Annette is almost done with unit 3 of Industrialization, Urbanization, and Immigration from Moving Beyond the Page.
Moving Beyond the Page Social Studies 1
Today she had to compare photographs of American Indians with how they looked before and after they were moved to government reservations.

This unit is a Social Studies unit but she is using it more as a writing program. So today with studying the pictures we thought of it as a picture study/narration. She wrote how the clothes must have felt, how the people, looked, and what they must have gone through.

That’s another day with using Moving Beyond the Page here at Homeschooling6!

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