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Our Million Dollar Child

We tease Ethan with calling him our million dollar child. Why? Because he’s the one that ends up at the hospital or urgent care which equals lots of dollars. Of course he is worth every penny and we thank the Lord that we can pay for him to stay healthy.

The latest Ethan happenings.
Thursday he broke a finger.

He was playing baseball with his grandpa. Grandpa threw the ball and Ethan tried to catch it. It hit his pinkie finger right at the tip and pushed his bone in.
He came calmly to me while I was outside playing with the baby. He said, “Mom, look what happened to my finger.”

At first I thought it was dislocated. I thought that if it is dislocated you can put it back in place. I just couldn’t do it though. Thank the Lord because it was broken!!!

I called the closest urgent care to make an appointment. My poor guy had to wait over 2 hours.
The urgent care daughter took x-rays and sent us to a hand specialist.
The next (Friday) day we spent another 4 hours getting Ethan checked out.
Thankfully the hand specialist doctor was very kind and really showed that he cared. He gently pulled and did what he had to, to put the bone back in place.

One he did that he needed to take some x-rays to see if it stayed.
Their x-ray machine was on a boat to America from Switzerland so we had to go to the hospital for more x-rays. Fortunately the hospital was next door, yay!

After an hour wait for the x-rays we were back at the doctors office waiting to see if the bone was in place.

Unfortunately the bone had slipped and did not stay. The doctor said that he had a 7-10 day window to get the bone put back. I don’t remember all the details but because it broke right on the growth plate it was important to fix it sooner than later, so a surgery appointment was made for Tuesday.
Ethan was nervous. Later he asked his dad, “You will be there when I go for surgery?”, awe, it shows how having dad there gives children security and makes them feel safe. Dads you are important!
On the way
We were up early for out 9:00 appointment. Ethan was not allowed to eat or drink anything.
Prepping for Surgery
The hospital didn’t have a gown his size which worked out great because it covered his backside when he had to use the potty =)

My poor baby was pricked and pricked because they couldn’t find a vein for the needle. The nurse was really gentle though. She let the anesthesiologist know. He said they will use ‘sleepy’ gas then find a good vein.
Awwwe, my baby is waking up. He looked so funny with his eyes opening and rolling around.

He was very thirsty. He drank a small bottle of water and some apple juice. He also enjoyed some Cheese Its.

He was so ready for lunch so off to Taco Cabana! His pick!
He enjoyed his burrito alright. Unfortunately he gave it all up on the way home, yuck! We were warned not to give him something heavy.

Here is a picture of the pin or wire that they put in to hold his bone in place.
Thank you Jesus for a good and caring doctor, providing the funds, and keeping my baby safe!


  1. Sweet brave boy! So glad that he was able to get it fixed. Brings back memories of when daughter E broke her elbow at the growth plate and had surgery.

  2. I remember. I sometimes think about your dd and how her elbow is doing.

  3. Oh, ouch. Poor guy, but so brave! Hope he is healing well.


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