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Random Pics for Friday

My youngest son is not a morning person.
Lance likes to build . . .
I found what Lance listened to last night. Looks like Hank the Cow Dog helped my son to have sweet dreams.
From my kitchen window.
I don’t have a lot of counter space, so during the day I put things on the window seal. At night I take them off because the blinds need to come down.

My flowers, my Henna paint brush (which needs to find a home), yogurt compost container. See the little tree. My Sweets planted it for me. He thought I could look out the window while washing dishes (yes, I like to wash dishes) and have a beautiful tree to look at. It’s small now but someday it will be full and hopefully attract butterflies, bees, and birds.

My iced coffee design of the day Winking smile.
I found Joshua’s books late last night still out and ready to do school (at 11:00 P.M.). I told him it was time for bed.
Heart of Dakota School
Ethan and I played a game of Stratego.
Did a little school!
Ethan completing 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery from Wrap-ups!
He also completed his copywork from What on Earth Can I Do? notebook.

It’s time to get my counter-tops cleaned again.
The counter was full of stuff that is now on the table. I’ve been slowly finding homes for everything. It has not been easy. I did toss a lot of stuff.
Now I’m working on the other counter. Hopefully I can finish this all by the end of the day!
There was more stuff but I didn’t think to snap a picture until after I had cleared some of it.

I miss having a pantry. I loved being able to put all my food in one place. I miss the island too, I use to put the toaster, crock-pot, and other larger but almost-used-daily items there.

Other Happenings @ Homeschooling6:
~My MIL sent some pictures and ‘movies’ of the kids. Can’t wait to watch them.
~I brushed 3 ‘heads’ so far today using a boar brush. Totally love this brush and I need to write about it soon.
~Grandma also sent the kids some of their favorite chocolate. She also sent the kids Hooked on The Book.
From Grandma
~Annette is at her sewing class. She goes every Friday.
~Joshua is into computer programing these days.
~My SIL gave me a low carb frap. Yum! I’m sipping it as I type!
~The weather is so nice today
~I made me a Week in Review button but I don’t do them anymore (maybe I should start).
Week in Review
Of course I’d make it smaller.
Week in Review
And that is my Random Pics for Friday! (hey, I should make a button for that)

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  1. love that last picture! ...and your iced coffee design is fun looking :)


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