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Schoolhouse Review: Heroes and Heroines of the Past

Golden Prairie Press Review
I haven’t reviewed many history programs while being part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. In fact I think this is my first one. I was blessed to be chosen to use Amy Puetz (from Golden Prairie Press) newest program: Heroes and Heroines of the Past American History

What is Included:
~Heroes and Heroines of the Past e Books Part 1 & 2
~Additional Material Downloads
~Historical Skits e book
~Sing Some History audio download
~Listen to Some U.S. History audio download
Golden Prairie Press Review
Age Range: 1st-6th Grade
Price: $98.99
Hero and Heroines of the Past has 30 sections or units. Within the sections there are 5 lessons. After most of the lessons there will be questions or activities to do.
Here is a list of what you will find:
Writing Topics
Memory Verse
Literature (an optional book to be read)
Sing Some History
Act it Out (from Historical Skits)
Timeline to fill out
Picture Study
Now it looks like a lot, but not every activity is listed at the end of each lesson.  Some may end with a picture study and answering questions. Another lesson may have the student fill out the timeline (which is included in Additional Material), answer questions, and pick one of the writing topics. Amy made the program very flexible. You can pick and choose or do it all and what’s wonderful, as the mom and teacher I did not feel overwhelmed.
Heroes and Heroines of the Past
The heart of the program is the Heroes and Heroines of the Past readers: Part 1 and Part 2. I don’t have any 1st or 2nd grade children anymore but if you do there is a feature that you’ll appreciate. Amy has divided each lesson into two parts. The first section for the younger reader has a larger font and less information, about 1 page. The section for 3rd-6th grade is longer and more advanced. Usually 2-3 pages long.
Throughout the readers  there are interesting stories of a hero or heroine from the past like, Harriet Beecher Stow: A Women Who Ignited a Nation, or Eli Whitney Inventor of the Cotton Gin. You get to know a person from the past a little bit better.
At the end of each section there is a Recommended Resources with optional literature suggestions. Many are books that you can find at the library. Golden Prairie Press also has a package of some of the hard to find books available as well.
Optional Literature Pack
Two of the books in the optional literature pack have been edited by Amy: Ten Girls From History and Ten Great Adventures. For instance the story of Pocahontas had a lot of romance so Amy edited that portion.
Some goodies that come with the program and really help the children to see, hear, study, and act out history are:
~Additional Material Downloads, this includes timelines, art for picture studies, maps, videos, and more.
~Historic Skits, includes 19 skits for your children to perform and bring history to life.
~Sing Some History, this is great resource. Your children can listen to some of the songs of the past or listen to it all at once which is about 30 minutes.
~Listen to Some History, this is my favorite because it has things like the Mayflower Compact, Speeches of Red Cloud Chief of the Sioux, The Declaration of Independence, My Escape from Slavery, and so much more.
All these resources that bring history alive are scheduled in the readers.
American History
How We Used Heroes and Heroines of the Past
The first thing I did was print Part 1 and Part 2 of the readers and had them spiral bound. They look so pretty and I love that I can read ahead. I don’t have a Kindle or other device to read the pdf books from (just a computer) so printing worked for us.
I used this with my four younger boys: Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance (ages 13, 12, 11, and 9). I read the lesson and asked the questions provides. Sometimes we would answer the questions but other times we used the questions as a springboard to flesh out what we read.
After the lesson was read we would do some of the activities and to my surprise we really enjoyed the skits. I had fun playing a roll too!
Another activity that we all enjoyed and surprised me because I didn’t think the boys would like it was studying the pictures. We all gathered around the computer instead of printing them.
The First Thanksgiving
In the reader there were questions to be answered about the painting. We all agreed that the questions really got us studying and noticing things in the picture that we really didn’t ‘see’ before.
Final Thoughts
I appreciate all the extras that provides more insight into history. Watching videos, listening to songs and speeches, picture studies, and writing topics which give the child a chance to use their writing skills. It is hard to find a program that includes so many ways to learn history.
This is a wonderful history program. Amy put a lot of thought, time, and sweat into it. I love that my children are seeing God weaved into history as well. When I was learning history in school, God was not included. Memorizing verses was not included either.
When the children are enjoying their history lesson it’s a good thing! I thought I was going to have to write how bored Lance was but thankfully I don’t. Its been at least 4 weeks since we read about Leif Ericson, Greenland, and such and you know what? I found him him with a map and the globe recently looking for Greenland and talking about the first explorers. He even knew why Erik the Red named it Greenland. Now that warms my heart. Here I thought I was reading to a wall at times but he was listening and retained the information.
Thank you Amy!
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  1. Wonderful review! I really liked having it printed too! Thanks again for the inspiration! And we looked at the art on the computer too. :) Neat to see how it impacted Lance. :)

  2. Have it printed really helped.I'm slowly getting into pdf books ;) I like the pdf because I can print extra pages if needed for the boys, like some of the maps and such.

  3. I love tht you printed it out. I think I will do that too. Can I ask how expensive it was? Did you do it at home?

  4. Thank you Nicole. I loved how I could see ahead without having to go to the computer.

    I printed it at home and I took it to FedEx to be spiral bound. Hmmm, I think it costed about $10.00.


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