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Schooling at Homeschooling6

 Learning Palette
The Learning Palettes gives nice change for the kids. Yesterday Brent used the level 3 reading. He did some reviewing with synonyms, antonyms, and, homophones. These are things that kind of slip through the cracks. Brent completed all 12 cards and did well. Wahoo!

Today Brent used the math Learning Palette: Algebra concepts. He completed 3 cards.
Lance used the addition wrap-up along with the 10 Days to Addition.
He knows his 10’s but I want him to know them faster! I timed him and he improved with each challenge. His first time took 1.23, second 1 minute, 3rd was .47.
Ethan used 10 Days to Multiplication. I didn’t get picture of him using it.
Brent completed some of his school work on the floor in his room. So cute!
Brent, Caleb, and I really do have fun during school time.
All About Reading
I also completed an All About Reading lesson with Ethan and Lance.
Below is what Lance worked on while waiting his turn to be in the ‘hot’ seat.
Annette and Josh working together. Josh is helping Annette with her science.
Annette making a Mother’s Day card.

Our virtue for this week is I am Helpful.

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  1. Sweet little moments :) Love how your virtue tied in with Annette helping her brother.


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