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Special Moments

(Tuesday the 20th)

Lately Caleb and I have been ‘hanging’ out together. It’s been nice really talking to him and just having fun. He is a funny guy and has me laughing a lot. We have been doing the dishes and cleaning together.

I also took him out for a cup of java!
We both took something to read. He has been interested in the Star Wars Clone Wars books. It may not be great literature but it is getting him reading.

That same day I took the kids out for pizza.
While waiting for the pizza the kids pulled out their books! Yay!
Well almost all pulled out their books. Others had fun playing around.
Lance and Brent driving around the pizza place.
The weather has been so nice we decided to take the pizza to go. The park is not that far from the Mr. Jim’s Pizza.

This is what I like about living in a small town. We can walk to our favorite coffee shop, our church, Mr. Jim’s Pizza, and the park all in about 10 minutes.
Friday the 16th I took Annette to Shoemaker and Hardt.
She’s so cute I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better.
Me loving my coffee.
The famous coffee.
A low-carb cherry cordial coffee with sugar free whip and made with almond milk. It was so good.
Ethan and Josh spending time together making pancakes for supper.
Annette helping her dad fix Aunties car.
She loves spending time with dad.

I haven’t taken a picture yet but I love brushing her hair. I have been brushing almost everyday for the past 10 days. Love my new boar brush Winking smile
Annette wanted to see my wedding dress so I took it out of the trunk.
Some of the sequencing is turning yellow.
Lance thought my dress looked like a ghost and was creepy.
He wouldn’t sleep in the living room. I had to take the dress out and put it back in my room. Funny Lance!
The weather has been heating up so we are all drinking ice tea these days. Sweetened with Stevia.
I think we are spending way too much time at the coffee shop.
Annette and I have been taking long walks strolling the baby.
As a treat we sometimes stop for our cup of java. Well, I get the coffee. Annette has been ordering a chocolate shake.

And that’s it for now. It’s past midnight.


  1. You are always so busy and incredible! I want your energy level :)

    Your wedding dress is lovely. My girls pulled out mine a year ago before my oldest daughter got married.

  2. Thank you, it's so sad that we brides only get to wear our wedding dress for one day. I think I wore mine less than 8hrs. :(


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