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We Like School ;)

Yay, my boys have fun during school.
They absolutely love Writing and Rhetoric from Classical Academic Press.

 They laugh, joke, and just have fun with it.
Caleb and Brent are doing well with Rod and Staff too. I’m so happy that we are finding our groove and the boys are now completing writing, spelling, reading, English, math, Bible, and history daily. Wahoo! Thank you Jesus!
Now if only I can get that much done with Lance. Here he is completing math using Wrap-ups. This one is used with a workbook.
Although busy we didn’t get much school done but then again it was Friday and we don’t usually do much.

Yesterday it rained. We love the rain but not the severe storm warning. We were under tornado watch. Thankfully today the sun came out and chased the tornadoes away but I do miss the rain.

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  1. I wholeheartedly believe that learning should be fun!


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