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Ethan School

Ethan School
Ethan completed All About Spelling Level 2 yesterday!!!! Next week he’ll start level 3. I have noticed his reading improving.

I am adding more reading to his daily school. This is the only way I can get him reading more, so next week he will start Rod and Staff Reading 2 along with the workbooks.
Until he starts reading for pleasure I’m going to add more school work to his load. Not an overwhelming amount but just enough to have him have to read more. I know he can. He just needs to practice, practice, practice.
With Writing & Rhetoric from Classical Academic Press, he is doing very well. Tomorrow he will complete lesson 5!
Classical Academic Press
Ethan caught me taking a picture.
Classical Academic Press
Last week he had to write the definition of the word disaster. He knew what it meant but I wanted him to get some dictionary work in.
English Lessons Through Literature
I started English Lessons Through Literature with him again.
For a while I was not getting his English in. For the past two weeks I’ve made it top priority.
English Lessons Through Literature
These are some of the workbook pages.

Today Ethan completed lesson 25. I read from The Blue Fairy Book. He is enjoying the stories from this book a lot more than the Wizard of Oz.
English Lessons Through Literature
To continue to keep my son busy I have added Rod and Staff Math 6 to his daily schoolwork. He is still using CTC Math.

And that is where we are at with Ethan’s School.

I still would like to add history and science soon.

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