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Lance School {2014}

I schooled Lance today but, I’m not sure if I should continue on with All About Reading with him. Every time I pull it out I feel like we are getting nowhere. I’m tempted to start All About Spelling, drop All About Reading, and use Horizons Phonics.
Lance School
All About Reading is working great with Ethan, Caleb, and Brent. With Lance he doesn’t like it for one thing but also he isn’t progressing. I feel like he needs more of a workbook, so I’ve been looking through my phonics programs (you know the 100+ that I own) and thought maybe we could continue with the Horizons. It’s colorful, has a reader, it has workbook pages to complete, and does not need tons of teacher prep. 

With math for the moment he has stopped using CTC Math. He is stuck with the 3-digit subtraction.
CTC Math Lance
So we are going back to Rod and Staff Math for a while, then I’ll have him continue with CTC Math. Actually he will continue with CTC Math. I’ll have him complete the 2-digit subtraction with trading/borrowing. This he can do on his own and stay busy! I can sit with him to do R&S Math.
He also did some Handwriting Without Tears, practicing his cursive. He should be further along with this, sigh.

I will hopefully get him started with Rod and Staff English 2 in the next couple of weeks. My plan here is to use Rod and Staff English 2 for the next 3-6 months. I don’t mind him not finishing the book because I’d like him to start Rod and Staff English 3 in January. I just want him to get some English under his belt before we start.

I really love, love, English Lessons Through Literature but as I mentioned before, the textbooks keep calling my name when it comes to some subjects.

I need to have Lance School ready the night before. I notice that Lance has nothing to do while I’m schooling the 3 middle boys. I want to make a schedule and have some ‘busy’ work that he can do on his own.
So that’s an update with Lance and his homeschooling.


  1. All of my ten children used Modern Curriculum Press Phonics. May the Lord guide your steps

  2. Thank you Monique. You are awesome to have used the same program with all your children.


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