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Lance School (2014)

I schooled Lance again.

He completed: Rod and Staff English, Horizons Phonics and Reading, Rod and Staff Math and extra worksheets, Handwriting Without Tears, Practiced an AWANA verse, and I think that’s it.

Excuse our messy school table. Try as I might to keep it from looking like a pile of books, it ends up most days like this. Usually by supper time we have it pretty decent.
I also put together some work that he can do independently on his own tomorrow. Sometimes he wakes up early and wants to do school.
I hope to write at least 3 times a week with what Lance is doing. This will keep me accountable.
Lance School 1
Hopefully I’ll have pictures and write what lessons he has completed.

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  1. We are still finishing up our school year, too! We only have math left and then we are taking a much needed summer break :)


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