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Moving Beyond the Page Lesson 5

Today the only school I did with Caleb and Brent was Moving Beyond the Page.

Language Arts: Bull Run
Social Studies: Slavery and the Civil War
Moving Beyond the Page 5
Language Arts: Bull Run

We completed Bull Run lesson 5. After reading the assigned pages from Bull Run I gave Caleb and Brent each a sheet of paper with two Civil War photos provided from MBTP (Moving Beyond the Page). The boys are suppose to write how the photos make them feel. I tweaked this a bit and told them they could write anything about the picture. What might be happening, how the people in the photo might be thinking, or they could write how the picture makes them feel if they were there. My goal with this assignment was to really have them think as if they were there.

Their grammar lesson from Moving Beyond the Page was on verbs: Present, Past, Past Participle, and Present Participle. Once I went over the lesson they completed a worksheet.

Social Studies: Slavery and the Civil War

The Social Studies Unit is pretty meaty. I’m breaking up the activities for lesson 2 and it will probably take us all week to complete.

Today the boys are completing Activity 1: Understanding Slavery. They have to read the book: If You Lived When There Was Slavery in America.
The book has 80 pages and for my boys that’s a lot of reading, even if it has pictures. They have to fill out some questions from MBTP workbook as they read.This is one of the reasons I gave them two days. They also have to share the book.

Using both units for us has covered writing, grammar, reading, analyzing, note taking, and reading text for specific information.

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