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Moving Beyond the Page (Lesson-6)

Last week Caleb and Brent completed Moving Beyond the Page: Bull Run, lesson 6 (Language Arts unit). One of the activities was listening and singing Civil War songs.
Moving Beyond the Page
It would have been nice if Moving Beyond the Page included the songs. Thankfully we happened to have a Cd that had most of the them.
The boys were none to happy when it came to grammar learning Winking smile. Today’s lesson was easier though because it focused on misused verbs.

We also completed lesson 7.
Bull Run
In this lesson they had to write how Toby changed from before Bull Run and after the battle of Bull Run. 

Many times the young teenagers didn't realize how terrible war really is with the bloody battles and the soldiers fighting each other.

Toby finds that out. It not something pretty. It leaves scars and changes a person forever.

They also made a Character Quilt. The boys worked on this together. They had to make 16 squares to represent each character. Brent took the the characters from the north and Caleb took the south.
I haven’t taken a picture of it yet, so maybe I’ll edit this post and add it. I plan to take one on Monday.

The boys also completed lesson 2 of Slavery and the Civil War unit (social studies). In lesson 2 the boys were suppose to make quilt as well but since they completed one with using Bull Run I had them skip this activity.
The boys learned about slavery from secondary and primary sources.
I hope to take more pictures next week of the boys using the Social Studies unit.

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