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Moving Beyond the Page School

We are on the last lesson of Bull Run (Language Arts) from Moving Beyond the Page. I can’t go into a whole lot of detail yet because this is a review item.

All I can say is it has been interesting!!!

A non-review Moving Beyond the Page unit that we are still working on is a Social Studies unit: Slavery and the Civil War. It’s been slow going because we were really focusing on Bull Run.
Moving Beyond the Page
The boys completed lesson 3. Tomorrow we will start lesson 4 (of 9).
Lesson 3: Disunion and the Start of the Civil War.
In this lesson they completed two worksheets that dealt with Debate on the Expansion of Slavery.

Because there is writing in this unit and in Bull Run the kids have not been completing writing lessons from Writing & Rhetoric. Hopefully we’ll start that back up now that we have finished the language arts unit (Bull Run).

With Slavery and the Civil War I have not been taking the time to prepare our lessons. This makes for a waste of my time and the boys.
Tonight I took the time to write what we will be completing each day. At the end of each unit there is always a blank sheet on the left side with the next lesson across from it on the right. I used the the left to write:

Monday: finish lesson 3
Tuesday: Debate
Wednesday: read chapter 12, color timeline pictures, complete McClellen and Abraham Lincoln cards
Thursday: read chapter 13, complete the Stonewell Jackson and Ulysses S. Grant cards, add timeline figures.
Friday: Finish Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and your own cards, answer questions pg. 72

Here is what another week looks like.
Moving Beyond the Page
I also wrote notes if I wanted to remember something. I can easily forget from one day to the next (unfortunately).

With Activity 2 I thought the boys could write a diary entry sitting under a tree or on the porch to give them a somewhat feel of how the men wrote letters to their loved ones. 
Moving Beyond the Page
Some of the lessons are suppose to be completed in a day but I decided to spread them out. Instead of my boys reading 3 chapters from A History of Us, they will read 1 and complete 1 activity. For us a one day lesson can take up to a week to complete.

The boys are enjoying our Civil War studies.

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