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Moving Beyond the Page School

This week Caleb and Brent started Moving Beyond the Page, lesson 5 of Slavery and the Civil War social studied unit.

Monday the boys made ink with berries, yesterday they had to write a letter ‘home’ using their berry ink.
Moving Beyond the Page
I had them write out in the hot weather so they could get a feel of what the soldiers had to endure.

Brent found a spot in Joshua’s fort. The boys use to have a big feather that they found on a hike one year but were unable to find it. Annette had a calligraphy pen that the boys borrowed.

We couldn’t figure out how to use it. We tried but in the end the boys used their pencils.

Today’s activity the boys are to make Molasses Ginger Cookies.
Moving Beyond the Page
This was a special treat for the soldiers. Usually they ate hardtack which the boys will make tomorrow.
Moving Beyond the Page
Caleb making brown sugar for the Molasses Cookies.

Even though the boys have to read and answer questions, they are really enjoying this unit. Especially with the fun activities (like making cookies!).

I like that the boys are having to read more. At first I was going to do most of the reading like I did with the Language Arts unit: Bull Run, but I thought this would be a good opportunity for them to practice their reading.

The boys also completed:
*Rod and Staff English
*Writing & Rhetoric
*All About Reading
*Spelling You See
*CTC Math

Caleb completed lesson 18 of Math-U-See Zeta.
Ethan School
English Lessons Through Literature we only completed half the reading. I am reading the story of Beauty and the Beast. It’s a bit long so I’ll finish reading it tomorrow and finish the lesson.

Ethan did his first Rod and Staff reading assignment which was a poem and easy enough. Hopefully this will be the practice he needs to be a good reader!

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  1. We've done the berry ink :) Fun memory creating.


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