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Moving Beyond the Page School

Yesterday’s activity: the kiddos had to pack a Haversack. They had to imagine that they were a soldier packing.
Moving Beyond the Page
They included their hardtack and molasses cookies that they had made the day before.
Here is Brent eating his hardtack.
Moving Beyond the Page L-5
I had them wear and/or take their Haversack with them all day. I thought this would kind of give them an idea of how much the Civil War soldiers had to carry. At the end of the day I asked them what they thought about carrying everything with them.

They summed it up with one word, “Heavy!”.
The younger boys wanted to join in the soldier fun as well.

I know war is not fun and I have talked to the boys about the realities of war. Together the children and I have watched documentaries as well as reenactments.
Moving Beyond the Page Lesson 5
Here the boys at a start of a battle.
Moving Beyond the Page
Moving Beyond the Page
Moving Beyond the Page
Here’s a real treat for the soldiers: Molasses Ginger Cookies.
Moving Beyond the Page
As you can see the boys are really enjoying Moving Beyond the Page: Slavery and the Civil War unit.

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