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Our First 16th Birthday

Joshua turned 16 years old in May!!!!

We like to make their birthday month special and do little things for the special birthday person throughout the birthday week.

Grandma and Grandpa Lupe always remember their birthdays and gives them a call.

The Day of his birthday.

Here is Joshua talking to his grandparents.
Joshua’s first day as a 16 year old.
Don’t you just love all our clutter?!?! Quite embarrassing.

Auntie bought him a Mocha Java Frapp.
Birthday boy
I bought him a cd of the Newsboys. He’s been wanting more of a variety of music.
I let him open one gift which was the Newsboys CD. The rest of his gifts had to wait for his birthday party.

A few weekends later we had 1 birthday party. Lance calls what we did a ‘split’ birthday. Meaning he had one birthday with his family ( grandpa, auntie and cousins, that live here in TX) and another birthday with his friends.

For his 1st birthday with family we ordered some pizzas and had cake and ice cream.
16th birthday
Joshua made his own cakes. He has been making his own cakes since he was, uh, yeah, for over 6 years now.
Birthday 2
His tank cake. I think it came out pretty good don’t you?
Cake and Ice Cream
Gifts he received
Gifts 1
Below Joshua is showing what was in that tube-like package!
gift 2
You can purchase one too at JM Cremps.
gift 3
He received some cards.
More gifts
Joshua loves Cream of Wheat but it always disappears so fast at our house, so I thought I’d give him is very own box.
Uncle Si
Ethan thought it was so funny that he gave America’s favorite Uncle to Josh.
More gifts from Mom & Dad.
And the cake on fire.
We love you
More Party Time
(2nd part of the ‘split’ birthday Smile)
Birthday Party
I don’t really have too many pictures to post. I don't like to post pictures of children that aren't mine without the parents permission.

He made his cake again.
Battleship Cake

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