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Schoolhouse Review: We Choose Virtues

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We Choose Virtues has been on my ‘to buy’ list for next school year because some of us here at Homeschooling6 need to be reminded not to elbow their brothers and remember that kindness is a good thing.

Guess what? As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was given the Parenting Cards and We Choose Virtues Download Bundle to review. 
Schoohouse Review
Recommended Age: 3-11
The Parenting Cards cost: $38.49
We Choose Virtues Download Bundle: $7.99

There are 13 Parenting Cards. Each Parenting Card is 8.5x5.5 which I love, they are a good size. Not little tiny cards. The children can see the picture and words if you decide to hang them up (like we did).

The front of the card has the virtue, a catchphrase, the antonym of the virtue, and a verse. The Parenting Cards that I reviewed uses verses from the NIrV Bible.
The virtue starts with the words “I am_____”<----insert the virtue you are working on. Notice it doesn’t say, maybe, I hope, etc. but I am. You want the child to take ownership of the virtue. With my children I would say, “Ethan, is content” or “Brent, is content”.

The Antonym uses the words I am NOT . . . bored, greedy, etc. which is the opposite of the virtue. Again, I would say, “Ethan, is not bored, greedy, . . . etc. ) and I think this is a real positive way for the child to have a right attitude. The antonym is simple and easy for children of all ages to understand. You want to repeat it throughout the day.

Below the antonym is a Bible verse. I love how We Choose Virtues brings ends with God’s Word. Bringing everything back to Christ is very important here at Homeschooling6.

The back of the the cards has The Kids of VirtueVill. You will introduce the character and his story. When the child sees that character it will remind them of the virtue.
There are activity ides, user challenge, and the I’m Sorry which was my favorite. I would often say each child’s name. Ethan can change, Ethan will choose to be happy . . .
I also included my name too, “Mom, can change and can choose . . .”

The Download Bundle includes:

*Teacher’s Handbook
*Family Character Assessment
*Coloring Pages
*Butterfly Award
*Sing-along Song Sheets

The Teachers Handbook, it doesn’t give a daily schedule with how to use the cards but does guide you with presenting them. The Handbook is divided into 2 sections. The first: 4 Simple Steps for Teaching Virtues. The second: 9 Inspiring Tools for Teaching Virtues.

I would have preferred something more like a schedule: Monday, do this, Tuesday, color, etc. From there I would have tweaked it making it my own. Just a visual to go by.

The Family Character Assessment is a neat tool. What you do is print one for each person and go down the list of virtues. Each virtue has the numbers 1-10 next to it and you and your family determine where your character is and circle the number value.

I did this with each child by themselves. I have a few that would be embarrassed in front of another sibling with the lower character value. Some of my kids can handle this in a group setting but others preferred to complete it with me privately.

The Sing-along songs are fun. I like to sing so I enjoyed singing them. The kids liked them but I was the one who sang them the most. The virtue songs go along with familiar tunes like, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean or When the Saints Go Marching In.

Coloring Pages has the virtue and character. My kids are not big on coloring anymore but I had Brent color one each week. He did very well and I think coloring can be relaxing. I would sometimes walk into the kitchen and there was Brent, coloring away.
He would color the pages over a period of a few days. I thought it was great that he took his time.

The Butterfly Award you can give to your child when you catch him using his virtues. I reminds me of the times when I’d ‘catch my children being good’ and I’d praise them.

Speaking of the butterfly award, why did We Choose Virtues use a butterfly? Because the butterfly is to remind us that good attitudes and actions make one strong and beautiful. It is a symbol of a job well done.
We Choose Virtues
The caterpillar reminds us that we can change and represents “You can do better”.

The Magnifying glass means to look hard to find virtues in ourselves and others. If it isn’t there we can always change.

I love the words choose and change. My husband and I have always taught our children we choose to act a certain way, we choose to be upset, and we can change. Sometimes I tell my children to fake it until it’s real. Meaning if they are unhappy with a sibling and are mad at them, then fake that they are not mad, eventually they won’t be. Hopefully they will come out of the situation stronger because they didn’t give into the negative feeling even when they wanted to and it was hard.

How We Choose Virtues was Used at Our House

I know most would think to go over the Parent Virtue Card as a group. Gather all the children go over the virtue for that week. I didn’t do it that way. I tried but it oddly didn’t work. There was always someone missing.
Instead as I taught each child (my 9, 11, 12, 13 year old boys) I would go over the virtue with them.

Monday-Friday I would read the front of the card.
Tuesday I would also read The Kids of VirtueVille and hand out the coloring page.

Wednesday-Friday I’d continue with reading the virtue but also introduce the corresponding song from the Sing-along Song Sheets.

I had the virtue of the week hanging on the kitchen wall where everyone could see it. Throughout the day I’d read different parts of the front of the card.

For our first week I chose the virtue I am Kind. I found that mama needed to be reminded of the I am Kind virtue. When I’m in a hurry I can sometimes say something in a rude tone. Having the card hanging where I spend most of my time and it staring at me would remind me to speak kindly to my children. Right in the middle of my sentence I’d have to stop and say, I am Kind, and repeat my sentence in a kinder tone.
I am kind
This was a great opportunity for me to teach my children that even us adults need to be reminded of virtues. I would take the time to tell the kids that I am choosing to change and speak more kindly. That we are never to um, old, to change. I’d continue to let them know that they have a choice as well.

Once I am done with the virtue for that week, I still keep the Parenting Card in sight to remind me to continue to refer back to.

My Final Thoughts

Virtues are something that I have taught the children throughout the years using the Bible. This was much easier for me when the children were younger but as of late with 1 in high school, 2 in jr. high, 3 in elementary grades and watching a bay full time, I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t been keeping up with this.

Oh, I say, be kind to your brother but teaching them each virtue and how they are woven together goes beyond just saying be kind. When I take the time to go over the virtue using the Parenting Cards I am showing them that it’s important. I’m not just saying the same thing over and over, “Be kind” but also enforcing what they are not to be: selfish, sarcastic, or rude and they don’t hurt others on purpose. 

If your struggling with teaching virtues and need a gentle reminder, We Choose Virtues might be a good thing for you to look into. The Parenting Cards are easy to use, they don’t take a lot of time, and it’s encouraging to see the children using their virtues in real way with real life situations.
Seeing my children choosing to hold back their unkind words or completing a chore without beings asked is what I want for them.

The whole family is weaved into the learning of the virtue. The older ones here me teaching the younger ones, I let hubby know which virtue we are working on, and I have even gone over the virtue of the week with my after-schooling nieces and nephews and with the children I watch over the weekend.

I purchased 100 Days of Virtue Achievement Chart for Brent 12yr., Ethan 11yr., and Lance 9yr. We haven’t used them yet because I wanted to have at least gone over 6 virtues which at the time of this review we have. Wahoo, so now I’m going to get the posters and hang them up! Yay!

My children are on the older side and did not find the virtueville kids babyish. We thought they were cute! 

We Choose Virtue Sale!

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June-August We Choose Virtues is offering 20% off anything in their WCV store.
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