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Sweet Hubby

My husband didn’t want me to spend any money for Father’s Day. He would rather us save it for a special California trip we hope to make soon.

Well that put a damper on my gift I was going to get my sweet hubby.

I came up with an un-Father’s Day gift because my hubby is just way to special for me not to get him something.
Happy Father's Day
A week before Father’s Day on one of our date nights, we went to Cracker Barrel for a good steak.

After we placed our order I surprised hubby with an un-Father’s Day gift. A Morroco Boar Brush and a sign from our favorite coffee shop. I also wrote a message on the ‘wrapping’ paper. Yes, I know, it’s a paper bag.

We enjoyed some medium rare steaks!
Date Night
I did enjoy a half of a biscuit. Biscuits  are one of my down-falls when it comes to low-carb eating. I eat one every other month or so, eeks! I need to find a good low-carb biscuit.

Lupe enjoyed his steak with mash potatoes. I don’t like him eating too many high carb foods but it was a special un-father’s day.

The children gave their dad the gift of a clean truck! Hubby so appreciated the kiddos cleaning it.
Father's Day
I went outside to check on the kids and what did I find? My beautiful mint plants plucked from the root!

Caleb had me laughing. Instead of clipping the plants he yanked them out! My poor plants, oh well, he wanted the truck to smell good for dad. Can’t get upset about that.
Annette, Brent, and Caleb did the bulk of the cleaning. Joshua was trying to get school done (it was a Thursday), he did supervise and helped some.
Caleb my plant puller.
Brent helped with the baby too.
Their dad was really happy to have a clean and nice smelling truck!
What a great gift the children gave their dad.

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  1. Looks like a great day filled with blessings for your husband. I hope that your mint will take root again easily. Mint seems to grow wild here.


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