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Wrapping Up the Year 2013/2014(Sorta)

This year was an absolute flop with some of the stuff I chose. Mainly Memoria Press. Oh my! I truly thought that this would work for 4 of my children. Boy was I wrong!

Caleb, Brent, and Ethan, and myself really struggled with the writing. I even purchased the DVDs because I thought that would help but even I was confused at times. It was taking me forever to teach so we stopped with that.
Memoria Press
The schedule that you can purchase with the curriculum package moved way to fast. Especially the Geography, Christian Studies, and Science.

Each week there is a rotating box, this is what was scheduled and these were whole lessons:

Monday: Famous Men of Rome, you were to complete oral review, flash card quiz, facts to know, vocabulary, read story, comprehension questions, and practice listing the kinds in order.
Tuesday: United States Review- read geography text, complete a section of the U.S. Review, completed student workbook: Syria and Lebanon for instance.
Wednesday: Christian Studies, Memory verse recitation, read story (sometimes 9 pages long), complete workbook.
Thursday: Book of Insects, review, read selection (sometimes long as well), completed two page spread in the workbook.
Friday: Summarize stories orally or in writing, FMR: Practice Flashcards, CS II: Review memory verse, U.S. Review: Quiz, Geography Quiz, Book of Insects Quiz.

Upon looking at the teacher manuals for these subjects you are really suppose to take a week to finish. There is a lot to cover in each book. There is so much information in the teacher manual and in my opinion a lot for the child.

Really you would want your child to read the reading sections one day, go over Facts to Know another day, then answer questions, look things up on a map or globe, etc.

And the above is just the rotating box!

I really wanted it to work and I’m not saying it can’t be done either.

I do plan to use some of the subjects like the literature, Bible, science, and maybe The Famous Men of Rome with Ethan and Lance but I’m not sure how or when. I do like their stuff. I don’t plan on getting rid of most of it. I might sell the Classical Composition 1: Fable Stage. I don’t see me using that anymore, hehe.
ClassicalComposition1-Fable Stage
After a few months of struggling with Memoria Press I scaled back with all our schooling. Although I do think the rotating box was pretty heavy along with the rest of the subjects, part of my problem was having struggling readers.

So I scaled back with all subjects 3 months after our school year started. I did the Stick With It 6 Week Challenge.

During the 6 weeks I concentrated on reading using Reading Lessons Through Literature.
Reading Lessons Through Literature 1-4
For the 6 week challenge the 4 younger kids completed math and reading that was it. Unless there was a Schoolhouse Review Crew item. I think Lance was helping with reviewing Spelling You See.

After the 6 week challenge I took a step back to see if the boys reading was improving, what I should start adding back in, and what I need to change.

I did like Reading Lessons Through Literature but I wanted even more hand holding so I switched to All About Reading level 3 for Caleb and Brent and level 2 for Ethan and Lance.

I then added Rod and Staff English for Caleb and Brent and English Lessons Through Literature for Ethan and Lance. I originally wanted all of them using English Lessons Through Literature but I thought the two older boys would do better with a more textbook type of program. Something they could do more on their own.

I did change maths as well for some of the kids:
Brent: from Rod and Staff to MUS to CTC Math
Ethan: from Rod and Staff to MUS to CTC Math
Lance: from Rod and Staff to MUS to CTC Math as a supplement and back to Rod and Staff (crazy I know)

Writing was the next subject I added back. I looked through all the writing programs I had from Writing with Ease to Ignite Your Writing. In the end I found Classical Academic Press: Writing & Rhetoric.

Level 1: Fable, for Ethan and Level 2: Narrative for Caleb and Brent. We are all totally loving this program.

History should be next and then science but we haven’t started these in full swing yet.

At the time of me writing this post I am using Moving Beyond the Page, their social study unit for Caleb and Brent. They are learning about the Slavery and the Civil War. I like that their units are not overwhelming and you can pick and choose.

I am not sure what to use for the remainder of the year. I have Story of the World series, Hero and Heroines From the Past, and my personal favorite Heart of Dakota packages.

I want something simple to use from now until January. I’m really leaning toward The Story of the World but haven’t made a final decision yet.
As you can see I really struggled with what to use. I have been really working hard with my boys and their reading.

Thank the Lord they are improving and reading more. Caleb and Brent have been reading a lot more of their school stuff on their own. Hallelujah for that because it’s a huge help. They are barely at grade level I believe. I would like for both of them to use Heart of Dakota next year so I’m praying that they will be ready by January.

Speaking of January, that’s when our official new year for homeschooling starts. This year has been long and hard as we transition. It means we are schooling all year.

Our new school year will be from January through the end of September. We will school lightly through November and take all of December off with the exception of math.

Winter is such a cozy month that we’d rather enjoy the rain and cold days with a good book or movie instead of doing school.

So, we are wrapping-up this year but continuing on as well. Wrapping up what didn’t work and continuing on with what is working for us.


  1. Enjoying all of your school posts! I see you started your '13-'14 school year in the fall. . . and then started over in January? How did it end up going with HOD Geography for Joshua? Did you do that in the fall?

    Looking forward to seeing how the rest of your year works out!

  2. Thankfully Michelle, with Annette and Joshua, Heart of Dakota was not an epic fail =)

    Annette used it the previous year and loved it. Both Josh and Annette started HOD in the fall. They have about 8-10 weeks left.

    And our saga continues with the younger ones ;)

  3. I forgot, I have 3 kids using Spelling You See.

  4. Congrats on wrapping up the school year! You came out on top :)


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