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Bullet Proof Coffee

When I have a busy morning. One that requires me to be up and out the door before 8:00 A.M. This is when I’ll usually have a Bulletproof Coffee.

The original Bulletproof Coffee is made with Bulletproof Coffee but I’m out and can’t afford to purchase more right now. Organic Starbucks coffee will have to do
It’s quick and easy to make, just 3 ingredients. Kerrygold Butter (suppose to be unsalted), coffee, and MCT Oil.
Bulletproof Coffee
It’s not exactly Atkins, hee,hee. As I’ve written before, I’m not a morning-breakfast eater. And sometimes a nice cup of java made the Bulletproof way with a low-carb blueberry muffin is what works.

It’s strange but some mornings when I have my Bulletproof Coffee I feel satisfied. Other days I add a muffin. Not sure why that happens as the coffee is pretty filling. Most times though I only have the coffee.

Here is my Bulletproof Coffee when it’s an on the go breakfast! Not the prettiest cup but I don’t end up with coffee on my shirt.
Here’s how I make mine.

Put your brewed coffee in the blender, add 1Tbls butter, 1TBL MCT Oil, blend on high, pour coffee into mug and enjoy a nice cup of java.

You can visit Upgraded Self to read more about Bulletproof Coffee and how you can make Bulletproof Coffee in Five Simple Steps.

Are you a breakfast eater or not? Have you tried drinking Bulletproof Coffee?

Update: I started adding 2 Tbls. of Kerrygold butter and MCT or coconut oil.

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