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Moving Beyond the Page a Schoolhouse Review

Moving Beyond the Page offers subjects in math, social studies, language arts, and science. You can purchase Moving Beyond the Page as a complete curriculum package or use a few units to add to your current program.
Moving Beyond the Page Review
At Homeschooling6 we’ve been enjoying three units. I was blessed to review one of their Language Arts Package: Bull Run and a Social Studies Package: Industrialization, Urbanization, and Immigration. Although each unit can be used on their own I also purchased a Social Studies unit: Slavery and the Civil War to go with Bull Run.

Caleb 14 and Brent 13 years old the Online Language Arts package: Bull Run. This package includes online access to the guide, a hardback book: Pink and Say, and a softcover book: Bull Run.
Price: $35.91
Age Range: 10-12
Each Moving Beyond the Page unit is intended to be completed in 3 weeks. With Bull Run we did complete it in that time but the social studies unit: Slavery and the Civil War took us longer. Some lesson we split up to last 4 days. If interested you can read how we used both units and what we called, Moving Beyond the Page School. I had a lot of fun recording our days.

The online access we used with the Language Arts unit: Bull Run. Once you activate the unit you have 90 days to complete it. 90 days is plenty of time and what I like about this is it keeps me on track. At times I can push history or science to the bottom of our homeschooling list.
Moving Beyond the Page Onine Acess
With the online access you can use the unit with multiple students.  With my boys we did this together so I was the one reading what we were to do and printing the activity pages we would need but this can be done by the child as well.

Moving Beyond the Page does a wonderful job with keeping everything organized and attainable for the students.
Moving Beyond the Page Online Instructions
Each lesson has an introduction which explains what is happening for that time period, what they need to gather, ideas to think about, and things to know.

Once the child has read they can click the activities button below and continue with the lesson.
Online Activity Instructions 2
In this unit the parts of speech that the boys focused on was verbs: identify and properly use present perfect, past perfect, future perfect verb forms, and how to properly use them.
Moving Beyond the Page LA
Your child will also examine reasons for a character's actions, explain the roles and functions of characters in various plots, including their relationships and conflicts, Analyze the characteristics of argumentative works, and so much more!

 Throughout the unit your child will not only complete activity pages but also do some hands on learning. For instance my two boys each made their own propaganda poster where they had to grab the readers attention and influence the ‘public’ about the events of the war and influence his/her way of thinking.
We also sang songs, read real diary entries and even made a ‘quilt’ of the characters of Bull Run.
Caleb and Brent made the quilt together. One completed the character squares of the South and the other the North. They had to write the name of the character, who they were, and draw a picture that identified who the person was or they could find a picture in a magazine or online.
Moving Beyond the Page Books
We all loved the books that are included in this unit. Pink and Say is a lovely book that really tugs at your heart strings. I wanted to scoop the two young boys (way too young to be fighting in a war) up and keep them safe. You know us mamas.

Bull Run did a wonderful job with presenting people from both sides of the Civil War. Both books really brought out the characters. My boys were able to see that both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ side were people, they were real people who had moms, dads, sisters, brothers, wives, and cared for their cause and country.

The boys may not have agreed with a certain side but I loved that they were able to see each side as a group of people who paid dearly for what the believed in.

As I was reading Bull Run, I’d often stop after reading about a character and ask questions or we’d discuss more about that person. What they lost, how they felt, how they changed, and so forth.
Bull Run
Because you’re studying about history we almost forgot that this was a Language Arts unit, it was so fun.

I liked how the grammar was incorporated into real books. One assignment was to have the children find helping verbs in some of the pages of Pink and Say. Other times they had to write a few sentences about the Civil War using the grammar they learned.
I would have appreciated more activity sheets for grammar. I would have also liked to have had a file with an answer key, examples of writing assignments, and just some more hand-holding with the grammar.

With that said, I’d still like to try a few more of the Language Arts units, like Number the Stars.

My Final Thoughts for This Unit:

I loved it. The boys really enjoyed it as well. I liked that the boys were not only reading books but also had plenty of hands on assignments. They practiced their Language Arts skills by making posters, writing about the characters via a quilt, wrote sentences using what they learned, and the best part, it didn’t feel like all book work. Especially when Moving Beyond the Page has you singing war songs, coloring maps, and locating the characters and organizing them on their maps (which I loved because they would refer to the map of characters as we read Bull Run).

Moving Beyond the Page: Industrialization, Urbanization, and Immigration a Social Studies Unit

The next unit we were privileged to review was for Annette. This unit came with a physical curriculum guide which contained a Parent Overview in the back, consumable activity pages, and instructions written to the child.
Also included was a nice hardback book titled: We Were There, Too! Young People in U.S. History and a very interesting DVD that all my children enjoyed: America The Story of US

Just a quick note about the DVD: All my children ages 9-16 watched America the Story of Us it does show some graphic war scenes that may not be suitable for younger viewers.
Price: $74.97
Age Range: 12-14

I’d like to bring to your attention that the book and DVD used in this unit are also used in at least 4 other units. You may need to purchase another book as some require 3 books but just the fact that they are utilized in more than one unit is wonderful all I need to do is purchase the guide and we are set to study another Moving Beyond the Page unit!

Each lesson has a:
~ “Getting Started” introduction of what was happening in that time period.
~Stuff You Need: which activity pages, required book, and materials.
~Ideas to Think About: thought provoking questions.
~Things to Know: Interesting facts about what was going on.
~Activities: these are the assignments.

Each lesson is set up the same which helps with familiarity of the curriculum guide. Some activities has your child taking notes, writing observations about photos, watching clips of history and reading articles from links provide by Moving Beyond the Page.

In this social studies unit your child is doing so much more than reading a book and answering questions. In lesson two, activity 2 Annette was to explore at least four exhibits. As she went through each exhibit she recorded her reactions using the activity pages provided.
Wounded Knee
A few of the pages with Annette’s recorded reactions.
Wounded Knee Reactions
In on lesson she was assigned to watch the DVD and she had to take notes as well. The note pages are provided in the guide.
Annette was introduced to Rose Cohen and Joseph Miliuaskas two children who worked in a sweatshop. She was then instructed to imagine that she had a friend who needed help finding a job. Annette had to think about how she would give her friend a clear sense of potential benefits. There are questions provided to help her do this.

What I like is the questions get the child’s mind thinking. The gears in their brains are turning. Moving Beyond the Page doesn’t just ask how did the character feel. The questions dig deeper, for example: What was the job like, what are your hours, what do you do, what are the conditions, and how are you treated by the people you work for?

These questions really flesh out what Annette read and watched. Many times she would come to me and talk about what she had learned and ask more questions. I could tell that this unit really sparked her interest because she was going to the library and checking or more books of this time period. I thought that was great.

One thing that Annette pointed out to me was she thought that unit presented the side of the people more than the business owners. She whole heartedly agreed that the people needed better work conditions and the children were way too young many times.

There were plenty of resources that helped her understand the people but not many for what the business owners where going through as well.

But all this was good. Her gears were turning and she was considering both sides. The people and the business owners.

My Final Thoughts for this Unit

I loved that this unit got my daughter thinking. She really learned a lot and Moving Beyond the Page had many ways for her to understand what was going on. She read the book provided, read online resources, watched the DVD, Moving Beyond the Page provided internet links that she could watch, see, and even interact with.

Annette enjoyed the different projects and how engaging (<---her own word) the program was. She liked how the program was not just book reading. It had a variety of ways to learn so it wasn’t pencil to paper all the time.

Moving Beyond the Page is a wonderful way to spice up the year. If you are looking to take a month off from your regular studies but still want to get school in, especially in a fun and engaging way, you might want to give a unit or two a try. You can view some samples to see if Moving Beyond the Page will work for you.

I know we’ll be using Moving Beyond the Page in the future. My daughter has her eye on a few more social studies units Like The Great Depression and World War II, and Civil Rights units.

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