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My Two Rings

I don’t own a lot of jewelry and I don’t wear much either. Usually if I have money it goes for food and books! I love books! If I’m saving up for a big ticket item it will go for something like my Vitamix or Cannon EOS Rebel T3 (used my babysitting money).

But I do have two rings that I wear everyday. My wedding ring and my mom ring.
Wife and Mom
I’m so thankful that I can now wear them too! Thanks to Atkins! Yay! Before I lost weight I was not able to wear either of these rings. The only way I’d be able to wear my wedding ring was if the weather was just right. Definitely not during the summer months.

Now that I’ve lost weight my rings are actually loose, even when it’s a 100 degrees outside.

I love hearts as you can probably see. Lupe bought me the mom ring before all the children were born as a Mother’s Day gift. I can’t remember how many we had at the time but I do know it was before the last two were born.

I still remember the day Lupe and I bought my wedding ring. We went to look for rings together. Once I saw the heart shaped ring, I knew it was the one! Lupe wasn’t so sure. I’m sad to say we left the ring sitting in the display case.

I’m the type of person that knows, that’s it! Where Lupe is the ‘make sure it’s the one you want’ type. Meaning we’ll keep looking.

I was so sad to leave it. I had never seen a heart shape ring like that before.

Thankfully a few weeks later after looking at many other rings, Lupe knew which ring I wanted and we went back (over an hour away) to see if the heart ring was still there.
Thank the Lord it was. I was so relieved and excited. I’ve treasured my wedding ring ever since. Now we won’t go into the story of how I lost it for a year, that’s for another post!

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  1. They are both so beautiful and I especially loved the story behind them :)


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