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Natural Hair Products

About five years ago I went the no-poo route. I don’t like the word ‘poo’ so I prefer to say I stopped using store bought shampoos. The ones with all the chemicals.

My journey started with me using the baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar rinse. I did this for two years! Chemicals didn’t touch my hair at all!

The first weeks my hair was yucky and tangley but I kept with it. Eventually my hair came around and liked my new regimen. I had softer hair.
I no longer combed my hair with a brush either. I switched to a wide tooth comb. I gently worked the comb through my tangles.

I also read and read about thick, long, curly, frizzy, hair. Someone mentioned the Curly Girl website. There is a forum someplace. I haven’t visited in years and haven’t found it, but here is another website. You can also google Curly Girls to find out more.

After a time though my hair went through a funk stage. It was greasy and yucky. So I gave in and washed my hair with store bought shampoo. About this time I started purchasing semi-natural shampoos with organic ingredients.

I gave in and washed my hair but my hair washing totally changed. I went from (before I stopped using shampoo) using store bought shampoo every, single, day, and tons of conditioner too. Now I wash my hair every 4 days and have not used conditioner in years!

My latest hair discovery is the Morroco Method way of brushing hair. I haven’t used a brush since 2009! That is until I purchased a boar brush. I now brush my hair almost every day. It’s part of my bedtime routine.

I’ve also been wanting to dye my hair. I haven’t yet (other than my one time dye 20 years ago) because I don’t want to use anything with chemicals. So I was happy when I read Lauren’s blog: Empowered Sustenance and found her post about Henna (scroll down to #11).

I ordered some to try and loved it. My hair had less tangles and was so much softer. You can read my Henna experience HERE.
Henna Hair 1
My hair is naturally curly (and frizzy) and once I stopped using store bought shampoo my curls were coming out again. Before they were, how should I put it, pretty stretched, you know more straight then curly.

But when I used the Henna my curls really popped as they say. I wanted to really nourish my hair so I did a Henna treatment every week for a month than every two weeks.

I did my last Henna treatment 7/8/14 and will now only do them every 3 months.
Henna Hair
The Morrocco Method suggest snipping your hair every so often. So a month after  my first Henna treatment my husband snipped maybe an inch at the most of my hair. And oh my, this really got my curls showing. My hair was also a lot shorter even though my hair was just barely cut (a tiny bit).
After hair snip
To tell you the truth I didn’t believe that cutting less than an inch of hair could be so good. 

The next product I wanted to try was Curl Power.
PicMonkey Collage
This also conditions and helps to elongate and detangle hair.

This stuff is thick. You simply ‘mask’ your hair with it and keep it on for 2 hours.

Washing this stuff off isn’t easy. In fact I felt like I still had some on a few days later but I absolutely loved the results.
Right after curl power
Slowly I’ve been purchasing some of the other products from Morrocco Method. Like the spray conditioners. I bought the Diamond Crystal Mist & Conditioner for me and the Sapphire Volumizer Mist for my hubby.

And soon I’ll order the Chai Instant Hair Conditioner for Lupe and the Euro Natural Oil Conditioner for me. Then I’ll chill out for a while and replace as needed.
The Morrocco Method shampoos and conditioners are so natural that you can use the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo to wash your face and the Diamond Crystal and Voluminzer spritz conditioners as a toner. Just spritz on your face.

I still am washing my hair with honey water and other homemade shampoos and use coconut oil as a leave in conditioner. With that said, I’m happy I found a truly good for my hair products for the times when I want to ‘spoil’ my hair. They are so safe you can eat them but it’s highly recommended you don’t Winking smile!

Here is my hair after 6 Henna treatments and two weeks after Curl Power.
2 weeks after Curl Power
And that is where I am at with my natural hair journey.

One last thing, if you brush your hair daily using a boar brush that helps spread the oils and to my surprise it’s like washing your hair, so you don’t have to wash everyday. Your natural oils are a good thing.

Do you use a more natural way to shampoo and condition your hair? Do you make your own shampoo? If so I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Your hair looks great. I cheat and buy the store bought products.

  2. Your hair is beautiful and your face is glowing with your inner beauty, too!

  3. Hey Lou, I do have a question. I just started my no poo journey last month. But as I continued reading a lot of people say the baking soda/vinegar route damaged their hair. Did you find that to be true?

    I am looking for an alternative right now, but still continuing with the baking soda/vinegar until I do.

  4. Hi, Lady Lilith! Target sells California Baby wash that I use once in a while as well. I forgot to mention that. I'll have add that in as another great hair product. It's a bit pricey but it smells so good. It's not considered raw like Morrocco's products but again, I still use it.

    Thank you Mud Puddle Soup! I get so excited when I can share products that I love and are safe as well.

  5. Hi, Cynce, no I didn't. I'v read that too but for me it was fine. About 20 months or so after my hair went through a funky time though. I wash my hair with all kinds of things,honey, has been the latest. I only wash a few time or less a week now. From what I heard using different ways to wash your hair is a good thing, so don't feel like you have to keep to the same 'shampoo'.


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