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The Teen Years

Joshua has been battling acne. He’s going through the teen years and although his dad and I didn’t get pimples as much as Josh has, he’s got them. I thought it was genetics and my children would maybe go through a mild case of teen acne. I guess not because Joshua doesn’t have a mild case.

He’s my son and it hurts my mama heart to see him go through this. I know it could be something worse or even a more severe case of acne but still. I know he’s self-conscious about it little.
He’s not embarrassed to leave the house thank goodness but he has asked why he has acne and his friends don’t.

A few weeks ago he came to me asking for help. I don’t want to use chemicals on his face so I dug out my Crunchy Betty book I purchased this a while ago but hadn’t used any of her remedies for acne.
I also visited Lauren’s blog: Empowered Sustenance. She always has some good reads about natural cleansers, toners, and such. In fact it was because of her that I started using honey on my face.

Since I’ve been trying to go chemical free I had a lot of the ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender, jojoba oil, etc.

There were some new ones that I hadn’t purchased like, Tamanu oil, carrot seed oil, grape seed oil, primrose oil, clay, etc.
Joshua’s basic daily regimen goes something like this:

In the morning Josh uses raw honey mask. He puts about a half teaspoon of raw honey in the palm of his hand with a few drops of tea tree oil. Massages all over his face. Waits 5-10 minutes and washes it off. He spritzes a homemade toner of raw apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, water, and which hazel (it stinks but he doesn’t complain), lastly he dabs on carrot seed oil.
Essential Oils
Before bed he does an oil cleansing. He mixes jojoba oil, caster oil, and tee tree oil in the palm of his hands. He massages and works the oil into his skin. Once done he steams by wetting a washcloth with hot water. Puts it over his face and repeats a few times. He then uses the washcloth to wipe off the oil and ends with a cool washcloth to close those pores. Lastly he puts Tamanu Oil to heal his skin and diminish the scarring.

Throughout the day as needed he spritz cool chamomile tea mixed with organic green tea. I also froze some using mini candy mold that I had. You can also use a regular ice try, just fill the squared half way or less.

He will use the frozen tea mix on his enflamed skin by rubbing it across his face.
Once a week he uses some sort of mask. So far he’s only used the Aspirin Mask which is semi natural and clay one.

I have Virginia Soaps & Scents Rosemary and Mint Clay Facial Mask on hand and mixed it with coconut milk or full fat yogurt.
Josh also knows that his diet plays a role with healing his face. He doesn’t eat as much processed foods and sugar as most kids but he does get his fair share unfortunately.

 He’s been trying to eat less sugary foods and bread. This is where I need to step in and really start having less foods like breads and tortillas Winking smile.

Josh also makes a dessert every Friday using organic cane sugar and organic white flour. I need to stop being lazy and find some healthy alternatives for the men in my life.

Annette, she’s easy when it comes to eating stevia, almond flour, and coconut flour, but the boys can taste the difference. Although they all loved my Healthified Pumpkin Pie.
Healthy Pumpkin Pie
We are praying that our more natural approach to fighting teen acne will work for Josh. I told him it will take time. It has been almost three weeks and we’ve noticed some improvement.

For a few days his skin was looking smoother (although it still had scarring) but then bam! He had a major breakout again.

I encourage him letting him know it takes time.

I’d like to try Crunchy Betty’s Detoxifying Honey Facial Mask. I don’t have the activated charcoal but will get some next month and give it a whirl.

We did get rid of his wart with raw apple cider vinegar. Every night we placed a piece of cotton saturated with ACV and put it over the wart he had with a band aid holing it in place. 3 weeks later it’s gone, yay, go Josh!

That’s where we are at with my eldest teenager (wow, I have 3 teenagers).
I’ll keep you all updated!


  1. I feel for Josh! I am 41 and am still battling acne. I didn't like using the word, but came to find I have adult acne. Yikes!

    I have been washing with raw honey too. It is the only thing I put on my face. I am going to buy an aloe plant and try that as a mask a few days a week.

    With my diet change, I know sugar makes me break out. If I remember correctly, coconut palm sugar didn't though. I'll have to retest it.

    But other foods don't help either.

    Tell Josh I am proud of him. I am hoping to get MaryEllen to try no wheat and sugar for a month because of her itchy skin. Don too, but he is harder to convince. :( MaryEllen doesn't mind the almond, coconut or no-flour desserts and such.

    I love Natasha's blog. I bought her acne program, which is pretty much what we have already researched, but she offers so much on her blog that I didn't mind spending the money. She has a few videos on her sales page, the second one shows how she uses the aloe for scarring.

  2. Awe, you're so sweet, Cynce. You have such beautiful skin.

    Thank you for the links. I will definetly check them out.

  3. This is great information! My oldest daughter is suffering from pregnancy acne and struggling to find something safe to use on her face. She's looking into your suggestions and trying to find an alternative to Tea Tree (not usually recommended during pregnancy). This is a wonderful place to start.


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