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Bed Schooling

What is great about homeschooling? Well many things but one that popped out for today was bed-schooling.
Brent was on the computer doing CTC Math and UberSmart. I didn’t want Ethan to be distracted so we took school to my bedroom. He loved it.
We completed Rod and Staff Reading and Phonics as well as Fast Track Bible.
Ethan reading from his Rod and Staff Bible reader with one sock on and one sock off.
Rod and Staff Reading
Peeking from behind his book. I was glad he let me takes some pictures.
Fast Track Bible Pack
Mom’s books and coffee.
Earlier Ethan did some school at the kitchen table.
Memoria Press
He is working on Geography from Memoria Press.
Memoria Press
He also completed English Lessons Through Literature: lesson 32. This lesson took 2 days to complete because the story for this lesson was from The Blue Fairy Book: The Story of Pretty Goldilocks, it was a bit long. I read half yesterday and the rest today. The lesson itself was easy, about phone numbers.
 We went over singular pronouns and plural pronouns as well as verbs. He completed a worksheet and some copywork.

Today with the middle boys I added in some geography.
Memoria Press
Awe, cute fingers. Brent’s and Caleb’s.

Today we studied about Iran via Memoria Press.
Memoria Press
My java for today was protein coffee.
I brewed a fresh cup of java, put it in the blender, added 1 scoop of protein powder, and 1tbl of Kerrygold butter, and blended. It was good but I was super full. An hour earlier I had a cup of cottage cheese with a cup of strawberries so I think I over ate/drank.

I filled my cup to the brim. It was good nut I think I need to try it again to see if it’s a winner or not. I’ll have to report back tomorrow Winking smile.

Other happenings:

Annette as been reading a Jerry B Jenkins Precinct 11 series. Not very girlie and not her normal kind of read. I did read them as well.

Joshua is doing an essay on global warming and has been checking out books at the library as well as ordered a few reads and dvds. One being from Answers in Genesis:

Global Warming: A Scientific and Biblical Expose of Climate Change—DVD

Another one he ordered was,

 The Privileged Planet, DVD

Not so much on global warming but I thought it was great that he purchased these on his own.

I guess that’s it for now. The kids and I are finally going to watch God’s Not Dead. We really wanted to watch this in theatres but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

On a review note: Ethan is going to use Fix It Grammar book 1. We love our current English program but I think we are really going to enjoy FIx It as well. Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Oh, I like the idea of bed schooling!!!

    Looks comfortable and inviting :)

    We start back to school very soon but I have to say that we have been enjoying the days of summer.

  2. I'm glad you all have taken the summer off. Hopefully we'll get to take a month off in Dec. Not sure though. Looks like we might need to take a few more weeks off during the summer to get some family stuff done that came up suddenly and unexpected :(


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