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Grandma Time

The kids absolutely love when Grandma comes for a visit. This summer she stayed with us for two weeks.

My Mother-in-law loves Hobby Lobby so this is one of the places she takes the kids every time. They all have their 40% off coupon in hand and have fun picking something out. The kids know to save their dollars for this yearly event.

I should have taken pictures of what they purchased. Let me see if I remember some of the items. Josh bought a huge laminated map. Lance bought a bucket of plastic army men, Ethan purchased camo Duck Tape, Brent had his eye on a wooden box that he calls his briefcase, and I’m not sure what Annette and Caleb got. They aren’t home at the moment otherwise I’d ask.

Grandma made a Sweet Potato Pie with Josh.
Baking with Grandma
We enjoyed a few Sundays with her as well. After church we took her to Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers.
What a cute picture of Grandma!
Lupe showing her how to use her phone. I think where some of the numbers are located.
The kiddos.
Grandma also had Bible lessons with the children and celebrated Lance’s birthday with us too!

I still haven’t found my software for my camera. Can’t believe I lost it. All our vacation pictures haven’t been uploaded to my computer yet otherwise I’d have blogged about our fun vacation.

We took Grandma to Babe’s Chicken but the photos are on my camera still. Maybe I’ll update this post when I finally get my pictures transferred to the computer.

Today she’s on a flight to visit her mom. We will miss Grandma.

Caleb helped her pack. We were all laughing because she bought so much stuff while here that her bags didn’t want to close.
After shuffling things around from one suitcase to another we were able to get most of her stuff on the plane as well. There is one box that will have to be mailed.

Tomorrow the kids will get back to homeschool.


  1. The best thing about homeschooling is being able to take time off - or to greatly reduce the work load - when family or friends visit. Looks like you had a very busy and memorable two weeks. Blessings.

  2. Moments with Grandmas are memory makers!


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