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Its Been A While!!!

Right now I just brewed me a cup of java, yum!
The pretty mug has a story behind it but I’m not able to write about it just yet. I bought a new camera and misplaced the software. All my ‘story’ pictures are still ‘in’ the camera.
And how did or could I misplace the software? Well, it’s been a while since I blogged. The last 6 post were prewritten in July, around the 2nd week!

Homeschooling6 went on a vacation!!! For two wonderful weeks!
One of our stops at a Mexican restaurant. Had to take a picture of the kiddos with the funny characters.

We visited family in California. My baby sis was getting married.
Look, how beautiful she is! And most of my pictures are on my new camera, sigh!
My eyes are closed but my sis looks great and that’s all that matters!
But I did get some pictures of me with my high school buddy and best friend on my phone!!!

We haven’t seen each other in over 10 years!!! I missed her so much. I’m so thankful to God that he brought us back together again.
And my other high school friends whom I love lots and missed.
My sister’s wedding was also like a family reunion.

We arrived home safe and sound on July 28th.

Today I started school back up. It was so hard. Ethan started UbberSmart Math Facts. A Crew item. I didn’t take many pictures of what Ethan completed which was Rod and Staff Phonics and Reading, English Lessons Through Literature, Fast Track Bible Pack,and copywork.
This is also a Crew item. Yesterday we read Mathew 28 and the front of the card.
Today we read Mathew 28, went over some information like who was Mathew, about when was the book written. We then read some key scripture passages.
Caleb and Brent started a Memoria Press Literature study. It was a spur of the moment thing. I picked Lassie because I new where the books were.
Instead of completing an All About Reading lesson I thought having them practice reading would be a good thing. I haven’t had them read aloud to me for a while and I want to hear them and see where they are at. They answered the literature questions on their own time.
We started writing and English too! Yay, it was hard getting back to ‘school’ but we did it. Our year doesn’t end until the end of Oct. Although life is getting in the way Winking smile. A good thing though. Both Brent and Caleb might take a trip to Florida. Of course they’ll take some school with them.

Hopefully I can download or upload the software either from the cds or find it online so I can write about our vacation soon.

I’m so happy to have posted. I really missed blogging.


  1. Loved seeing the beautiful pictures of the wedding!

    It was so much fun to meet your family. You have made an imprint forever on my heart.

  2. We really enjoyed the time with your family as well. You all are so special to me. Praying we get to meet-up again sometime soon ;)


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