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Love Doodles

After 17 years of marriage I still find myself doodling “I love Lupe”.

Below I was writing to see which ‘font’ I like the best. Haha, goofy me but I do love doodling how much I love my husband.
I will often write on food too. It’s a nice surprise to my hubby and a great way for the kids to see how much I love their father.
Sometimes I’ll put my doodling message in his pocket or on his desk. Lupe always smiles when he finds one. Some will take days before he sees the “I love Lupe”  love-doodle.

I write “I love Lupe’' on notebook covers, inside my journals, and yesterday I wrote it on my cell phone cover. I like making hearts, squiggly lines, flowers, and bows around my words. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of my masterpieces, so when I doodled the two above I thought, “Hey, I should take a picture”, maybe some day I’ll make a scrapbook page.

A few times I snapped a picture with my phone and sent it to my husband via text.

A few times I’ll add to my note why I love him so, other times it’s just a simple “I love you” or “I LOVE Lupe”.
Do you write little notes to your beloved?


  1. I just love this!!! We leave mirror notes to each other, but I love all your little extras.

  2. I love mirror notes. In fact my hubby texted me a picture and it was a doodle on one of the whiteboards at work. It said, "Lupe loves Linda" it brought a smile to my face.


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