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Schoolhouse Review: UberSmart Software

UberSmart Math Facts Review
UberSmart Software is a great way to free mom up from flashcard drills. It’s in my opinion inexpensive at $24.95. I have Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance using UberSmart. This is recommended for ages K-6 but I’m having my 7th grade son use it as well to keep those math fact memorized.
UberSmart Math Facts is super easy to use. All my boys were able to use this on their own once I set it up and showed them the first time.
UberSmart Software goal is to get the child to have automatically recall his math facts. It’s important for children to have all addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts memorized to the point where they don’t have to pause and use their fingers or counting in their head. By automatically recalling their math facts I know it will help them with figuring out problems with higher math.

(For Window systems only)
For the young child there are dot cards.
UberSmart Math Facts Review
Since my boys are older we skipped this section. Also before having the child start there is an option to have the child practice using the keyboard to make sure he/she knows where the numbers and enter key are.
The program has:
Learn: this is where the fact is shown with the answer so your child can learn the math fact before practicing.
UberSmart Math Facts
practice: once the child knows the facts then they can practice. You can choose from dot cards, keyboard entry for the beginner and flashcards for the intermediate student.
Test: here you will test to see how well the the child knows his/her facts. There is an assessment that will give the parent the average response. For instance with Brent it showed his average response for multiplication was 0.31 seconds per problem. Brent has attained automatic recall for all his math facts.
The assessment starts pretty easy with having your child count, sequence, relationship between number (what comes after 10), odd & even, keyboard entry, then it focuses on math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once your child completed the assessment you will know exactly what facts your child needs to practice.
Focus: once the assessment is complete and you know which facts your child needs to practice, they then can go back to the ‘practice’ section and click on the box so only the facts that need to be practiced will appear. The ‘focus’ feature is great because your child doesn’t have to go through all the facts to practice the ones he needs to most focus on.
Caleb 7
Compete: this is when you are timed, you can choose to have the ‘timer’ turned off. Ethan didn’t like the ‘Compete’ at all. It stressed him out even when I hid the timer. My other boys were fine with it.
UberSmart gives prompts so the child knows what to do next.
UberSmart Math Facts
UberSmart Math Facts
Some of my favorite things about UberSmart:
*Detailed assessment
*shows the parent and student exactly which facts the child needs to focus
*No distractions or frills
*Frees me up and we are no longer pushing this to the side
*Doesn’t take too long
Caleb 3a
Happy faces are always a good thing!
Caleb b
Caleb knows his multiplication and division but he has not mastered them in an automatic way. As you all can see Caleb knows exactly which facts he needs to focus on.
UberSmart Mastery
He has some facts that are all green, meaning he has reached automaticity. Then there are lighter green faces which means he’s so close. The yellow means he got the answer correct but it took him a whil and still needs to practice them until they become automatic. Red means wrong and should really focus on those.
How did we use UberSmart at Homeschooling6?
Pretty simple, before the kids started their regular math I had them first do UberSmart. This way we all made sure it got done for the day. My kids would just love to forget, little stinkers.
I did have them all take the assessment first. This let me know exactly which facts each child should focus on and practice the most.
Do the kids like it?
3 out of 4 said it’s okay, but hey, it’s school. They have to do it. It’s not a game type software which is fine with me. Not everything has to be fun!
Caleb my 7th grader actually likes it. He’ll make sure to get it done daily. I think he likes seeing his progress. Caleb would like to see a feature added. He would like to combine facts to practice. For instance if he needs practice with multiplication 4’s and 6’s, it would be nice if he could click on those to practice at the same time instead of first practicing the 4’s then practicing the 6’s. But other than that he really likes using UberSmart Math Facts.
Brent and Ethan would prefer to skip it and that’s fine, but they can’t. UberSmart is mandatory until the Mastery Chart has all green smiley faces.
Ethan does get a little frustrated. I have to tell him to just calm down. I still rather him do it though even if it takes him longer. I think it’s a great learning opportunity for him not only is he memorizing his math facts but he’s learning that he can’t get away from a school subjects because it’s not to his liking. It’s a part of homeschool life. He needs to work through his frustration which is getting upset when he answers wrong.
Does Homeschooling6 Mom like it?
Yes, see My Favorite Things About UberSmart above.
All-in-all it’s a great no frills program.
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  1. We've been using another online program for this very subject of memorizing math facts, but it's game based. Adding the learning of a game on top of learning math facts has left my daughter frustrated....and it's twice the price and I need to double check but I think I would have to pay every year.

    I like this simple and basic approach and it matches up so perfectly with Math Lessons for a Living Education!!! {They require flash card drills as part of lessons.}

    I'm off to take a look at this!


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