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Schoolhouse Review: Wizzy Gizmo

You’re probably wondering who or what is Wizzy Gizmo?!?!? Wizzy Gizmo is a fun and entertaining character who happens to be a genius that loves God. He makes wacky gizmos and kind of looks like his name with lots of white hair that sticks straight up.
Wizzy Gizmo
Wizzy Gizmo is a series of Bible books, audio books, and flashcards. Currently available: Book 1:Who Created Everything?, Book 2: In His Image, Audio Drama 1: Who Created Everything?, and Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament.
My family reviewed: Fast Track Bible Pack: New Testament
Price: $14.99
Recommended Age: 4-12
Wizzy Gizmo Review
This set comes with 27 9x6 sturdy cards. I love that they are big and colorful. On the front of the card there is a summary of the New Testament book. Your child will learn about the book, the author, time period that it was written, and theme.
Fast Track Bible Pack 1
The back of the card is pretty neat. I love how organized it all his.
Fast Track Bible Pack 2
At the top there is the theme. Below the them you will find the outline. For instance with the book of John the outline looks like this:
I The Public Ministry of Jesus . . . 1-12
II The Private Ministry of Jesus-Upper Room . . . 13-17
III The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus  . . . 20-24
There are also Key Chapters, Key Passages, Key Doctrines, and Key People. Since all the information is on the card you can use it as a bookmark and keep it in your Bible. This is great for someone who is always misplacing things (like me).
I used this with Ethan my soon-to-be 6th grade son. Each card took us a week to get through but I’d like to add that there is so much information that in the future I’d like to take longer.
Here’s what a week of using Fast Track Bible Pack looked like at our house.
Monday: Read the front of the card and read a few chapters from the book using the outline.
Tuesday: Go over the information on the front of the card, dates, key people, them, etc. read a few more chapters of the Bible book per the outline and add in some key passages.
Wednesday: Same as above but instead of key passages we focused on key doctrine.
Thursday: Again went over dates, theme, author, etc., read per the outline, and continued with the key passages.
Friday: Give an oral narration of what the book is about.
This schedule worked but I felt like I was cramming too much into a week. What’s great is I can slow it down if I need to or just do less and go through the cards again. This is what we might do with the Fast Track Bible Study Pack from here on out.
If you are creative you can really go all out by finding coloring pages, having the child use the theme or key verses as copywork throughout the week, written/oral narrations, draw pictures, etc.
Wizzy Gizmo Review
I would like Wizzy Gizmo to add some optional items like an activity book with crossword puzzles and word searches (finding all the names of the Key People), maybe some coloring pages for my boys to color as I read a chapter or two from the Bible, and maps to label.
Another item to add to the Fast Track Bible Pack, a timeline. I love timelines and I think this would benefit the children with seeing when the author lived and wrote the Bible, especially if there are dates of what was going on in world history as well. I always find it fascinating to find out who was alive during the same time period as Jonah, Timothy, Esau, etc.
We enjoyed using the Fast Track Bible Pack. I liked how it introduced the Key People and told who they were. I think it’s important for children to know who the people are in the Bible, what their occupation was, and so forth. It really brings the person to life as a ‘real’ person not just a person in a story.
Another way to use the cards are with my older students. They can simply read the summary, look over the outline, key chapters and passages, read about the key people, before they start their Bible reading.
When I first saw a picture of the character Wizzy Gizmo immediately I thought of my 10 year old son Lance. He’s very animated and I could see him being a little Wizzy, so I purchased the Who Created Everything? book and audio.
Wizzy Gizmo
When I showed the book to my husband and told him it was for Lance his response, “That is Lance, with the hair and coat”, made me laugh because it’s so true.
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Wizzy Gizmo
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