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Finding Space and School Day

I’m still trying to get things organized. My problem is where to put the stuff after I pull it off the shelf.
These books were in the kitchen bookshelf.
Other than Rod and Staff English 3 I don’t think I’ll be using them. I really don’t want to put them in storage. It seems every time I do I need it later. There are so many books in storage that I’m missing out on.

Right now I still have a stack of books in the kitchen sitting on a chair.
You don’t even want to see the living room. All the books that I pulled out to add the new Heart of Dakota books are still piled on the floor.

I need to figure something out because I am watching 3 girls this weekend. One being only 8 months.

As for school things are moving along. Ethan completed lesson 6 from All About Spelling-3 and lesson 5 of All About Reading-3.
All About Reading
All About Reading
Fix It! Grammar
This is actually a picture of him working on Fix It! Grammar from last week. It’s hard getting picture of Ethan.

We are continuing with our current grammar as well: English Lessons Through Literature because he does enjoy the program. What’s great about both grammar programs is they don’t take that long. Both have copywork. On Friday when Ethan has to copy the passage that he was working on for the week, I don’t assign any copywork from English Lessons.

With English Lessons Through Literature I like that Ethan is practicing cursive daily.
Enlgish Lessons Through Literature
Caleb and Brent are half way through Rod and Staff English 4. I don’t think I’m going to have them finish the book though.

When Caleb starts Mission to Modern Marvels and Brent Rev2Rev, I am going to have them both use book 5. I want to keep them together and Rod and Staff book 5 is scheduled in Brent’s guide.

Today I let the boys do the teaching.
Rod and Staff
They had a lot of fun.
Rod and Staff Brent
I took a while to get through the lesson but I think they better understood how to diagram the subjects, predicates, and adjectives.

I even schooled Lance today. He completed a Let’s Read lesson, his first Rod and Staff English-3, and science. I’ll have to write more about what I’m doing with him right.


  1. Looks like they had so much fun being the teacher!

  2. I am thinking of switching from the Medieval Writing to Writing and Rhetoric. How do you like it? How old are your children using it? I'm looking at the 4th book for my child using Res2Ref. What do you think?

  3. Hi, Renee, the boys and I both like them. We do most of the work together but I do hope that they will be able to do more on their own. We have reading issues.

    The TM is simple to follow giving examples of what the childrens' writing should have. There is copywork and dictation but I usually skip this because it over laps with HOD and Spelling You See.

    Each lesson has the child narrate as well.

    We are almost done with book 2 and I'm debating whether or not to order book 3 or 4. We will most likely continue with W&R through Jan. and then switch. Not because we don't like R&W but the boys want to use Cover Story for a year.

    My children using W&R: Ethan 11 is using book 1, Caleb 13 and Brent 12 are both using book 2. I was hoping to get through the books faster because of their age but it's not happening ;)

  4. I just downloaded the free sample. I'm excited to try it! Why did you choose W&R instead of IEW's Medieval Writing that is scheduled in the guide? We've been using it up until this week.

  5. Hi, Renee, my dd didn't care for IEW when we were using Res. to Ref. My boys and I didn't like Write with the Best when they used CtC.

    I switched Annette to Essentials in Writing which really worked well for her. In fact I'm wondering if I should switch my 8th grade son to Essentials since he will use it next year in the WG guide. Hmmmm . . . got me thinking now ;)

    With W&R it had just come out and I was intrigued. So far the boys have really taken to it. I like how it has them play around with words and with rewriting the narrative or story.

    If I have Caleb continue with it I might skip him to the 4th book. It looks like the 4th book gets more meaty with them writing. I do hope the 5th comes out soon.

    Anyway with all that said, have you looked at Essentials in Writing and another good one is English Lessons Through Literature. I don't have the 4th book in my hands yet (will be here tomorrow) but it sounds really good. Here is a little of what it's about:
    Each lesson includes copywork, a literature selection to be read aloud, a poem, and an African folktale. Level 4 teaches condensed, amplified, point of view, and slant narratives as well as scientific and historical narrations, introductory literary analysis, and descriptive writing through imitation.

    Ethan is using English Lessons book 2 but I think I want to bump him up to book 3. Right now it's mostly grammar and copywork.

    I don't know why but we haven't liked the writing from HOD other than the narrations and R&S. Well, now that I have Creative Writing from Rev2Rev in my hand that one looks good but CtC, Res. to Ref. and MtMM are the programs that we didn't like the writing.

    Sorry if I'm confusing you. I'm just so thankful that I've found some writing programs that I like and can teach. I have tried so many in the past that didn't work because they were hard for me to understand.


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