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Heart of Dakota School (CtC)

This week Ethan started Heart of Dakota: Creation to Christ. We don’t start our actual school year until January so we are taking our time with the units.

Sept. 15th-19th 2014
Creation to Christ
Unit 1
Focus: The Beginning of History and of Sin

This week he has completed days 1, 2, and 3 of unit 1. Next week we ill complete day 4 and start unit 5.

It’s been a busy, hectic, but very accomplished week with running 6 Heart of Dakota Guides. Today as mentioned, I’ll focus on what Ethan is using which is Creation to Christ.

Because Ethan struggles with reading I am helping him a lot. What I am doing to help him get some independence is use My Student Logbook. I write everything in this book, including the units and days. All he has to do is look on the day we are on, find the subject/box (Reading About History or History Project) and complete the work, usually it’s copying a verse or reading the Bible. Most everything else we do together.
I’m still trying to find our rhythm but it looks like the My Student Logbook will be part of it for a while.

Heart of Dakota’s guide has each subject in a box, so when you hear me say we didn’t complete all the boxes, I’m not talking about a physical box! Here is what a day looks like.
Heart of Dakota Boxes 1
One of the boxes that I thought for sure we’d skip was the poetry. I thought to myself, if there’s a box that we need to let go than it will be the painting.
Throughout the year with Creation to Christ your child reads poetry, copies a portion, and paints a picture using watercolors. I had a lot of fun with this when Caleb and Brent used CtC.

Remembering the great memories with the boys a few years back, I wanted the same memories with Ethan so I said to myself, “Let’s get it done!”
Look how well he did.
I thought it came out really nice. This is his first time using watercolors.
Heart of Dakota
Because I’m using 6 Guides this year we might do the poetry painting every other week.

This week we read from The Story of the Ancient World, Dinosaurs of Eden, Genesis: Finding Our Roots, A Child’s Geography, The Illustrated Bible and the Bible. Whew, talk about a lot of read aloud time. It was a lot of work for me but very enjoyable. I am loving my time with Ethan.
Here he made a Generations flapbook.
Creation to Christ
Please excuse the smudge or grease looking dot on my pictures. My old camera has a scratch on it.
Creation to Christ
Reading from the Illustrated Bible.
Creation to Christ
He actually prefers using the Bible but I wanted him to look at the pictures.
Creation to Christ
Bible Quite time is a box (subject) we do together. His memory verse this week is Philippians 2:1 which he’s a little behind.

He highlights verses in his Bible.
Bible Quiet Time
Ethan also completed:
Teaching Textbook 5~lessons 8-17
Writing & Rhetoric Book 1: Fable~started lesson 6
All About Spelling~completed lesson 7 and started 8
All About Reading: lesson 5 & 6
Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree: Week 4
English Through Literature 2: lessons 43-46 this also includes cursive copywork

Even though Ethan complained at times he did enjoy his first week using Creation to Christ. I did too! It was crazy busy sometimes but I enjoyed (almost) every minute!


  1. Beautiful poetry painting!

    Wow, to 6 guides--amazing :) You are a gifted mama and I'm excited to see your homeschool year unfold.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I'll let Ethan know you liked his painting. I hope we continue with the poetry painting. I think it will be good for Ethan.