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Heart of Dakota School CtC

Here is Ethan’s log for the week.
My Student Logbook
(I made myself a copy, so that’s why the first letter of each subject is cut off)

Like with Brent’s I highlighted what he can accomplish on his own which isn’t much right now. Once I went over his work there was more yellow than not, meaning I explained what was expected and on his own he could complete the assignment.
All About Reading
I thought I should start with All About Reading and Spelling with Ethan, otherwise it probably would get pushed to the back-burner with me trying to fit in HOD.
All About Reading
I didn’t get around to taking pictures of all that we did together.

He also completed:
Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree and English Lessons Through Literature.
I did get a shot of him reading from his All About Reading (AAR) reader.

Once we were done with AAR, AAS, ELTL, and Fix It! we started our Heart of Dakota School.

First stop Reading about History Unit 1 Day 4. Today he had to write a narration. I read from the Story of the Ancient World, asked him the questions in the HOD Guide, and wrote down his narration. Later he copied the narration into his notebook.

Creation to Christ
Independent History Study we actually completed Sunday night. Bible Quiet Time I went over the night before as well, so those two should have been highlighted.

The last HOD subject was Science Exploration which I read and, um, we skipped the experiment. You can see what he was suppose to do on a fellow HOD bloggers blog: The Work of Our Hands, just scroll down.

This week Ethan will hopefully complete Unit 1 Day 4, Unit 2 Days 1 & 2, and maybe a little bit of day 3.

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